Rage Extended Hands-on Preview: BuzzFocus

Rage begins like something out of your favorite sci-fi movie. Players must work towards quickly upgrading to more powerful weapons the better because the difficulty increases at a fast pace. Bandits flip around like ninjas, but thankfully you can loot their corpses.

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JoelT2255d ago

I've been reading a lot on this one, both good and bad. I still don't know where I stand on it especially with such a crowded release schedule.

Bags_BuzzFocus2255d ago

October is going to be crazy with Arkham City and Battlefield 3. I really liked the open world environment so I'm definitely going to be playing this one. Hopefully, it holds up as well as red faction: guerilla did

cbclerk2255d ago

Well Arkham City is a definite, but this one is up there too. I might just plunk down and get both and cut my sleep in half.

cbclerk2255d ago

one of the highlights of E3


I'm going to say this...I love Rage because it help save the life of Jessie from Breaking Bad. Video Games save lives. ;-)

Bags_BuzzFocus2255d ago

hahahaha! you're right! video games saves lives.

Bags_BuzzFocus2255d ago

Well not many people know this, but @BlackBible is known around TV town as "The Spoiler" - he even has a superhero pose (or supervillain depending on your perspective)

cbclerk2255d ago

When Jesse threw the controller at Walter's head two weeks ago, that cracked me up.

tboyshinobi2255d ago

LMAO!!! u guys and your spoilers. I can't wait for RAGE! It's going to be awesome! i need a nice long game that is actively fun and not like 5-8 hours of buttonmashing

docbeez2255d ago

Can I play RAGE with a lightgun like Jesse did?

tboyshinobi2254d ago

lmao! jesse is my man this season! i sense his "RAAAAAGE"