Is DC Universe Online Free to Play a Good Thing?

The news is out that DCUO is going free to play, but what does that mean for you? IGN discusses.

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KingSlayer2494d ago

I think so. I enjoyed the beta, but was turned off by the monthly subscription fee. Eliminating that barrier opens the game up to a ton of people. Myself included.

NuclearDuke2494d ago

MMO's that are Pay2Win(F2P) are all failures. You can argue all day long, but when you go F2P, you know your product wasn't worth a monthly fee.

That is why we can crown WoW as one of the only successfull MMOs, SW:TOR can also become a MMO of the future if it's supported well enough.

lodossrage2493d ago

You say that without including the new aspect of WOW.

For those of you that don't know, even WOW feels the threat of F2P. That's why they made it F2P for the first 20 levels. If you think WOW losing players rapidly has nothing to do with all the F2P out there, you're sadly mistaken.

SilentNegotiator2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

"MMO's that are Pay2Win(F2P) are all failures. You can argue all day long, but when you go F2P, you know your product wasn't worth a monthly fee"
Glad to know that World of Warcraft is a failure, because I never knew that before. I guess the 10 million subscribers threw me off.

"That is why we can crown WoW as one of the only successfull MMOs"
.........wut? But they just went F2P. But you just said F2P games are failures. But you didn't say any other reason why it might be an exception. But you said that F2P games were failures but a F2P game isn't a failure and....GAHHH MAH BRAIN!

k3x2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

lodossrage, what exactly do you base your assumptions on? Wouldn't it be more plausible to think that the reason people are leaving WOW is that, you know, maybe, after 7 years of playing the same thing they're finally getting bored?

What F2P MMOs are out there that offer a similar level of polish, amount of content to a game like, say, RIFT, WOW, EVE? Sure, there's LOTRO and there's EQII. LOTRO is actually really good and if you grind hard enough you could probably discover the entire content (save for the expansion packs maybe,) without having to pay a dime. EQII, on the other hand, gets annoying right off the bat, since SOE, being the knuckle-dragging dipshits that they are, has decided it'd be a swell idea to block most of the beginner content, classes etc. and make their potential customer feel like an unwated freeloader and a thief. I get that they need to make money, it'd be insane to expect these games to be actually free. What I'm saying is that they're not going to get a F2P player hooked by making it abundantly clear to them right from the start that they're not going to get far if they don't spend any real life money. That is why everyone's talking about Turbine's F2P games and not SOE's; because EQII is a pretty good game if you're into PVE, probably even better than LOTRO, with a lot more content, classes, abilities etc. I'm kind of worried that SOE is going to mishandle DCUO and then PlanetSide 2 in a very similar way.

Other than that I can't really think of any actual competition. DDO is as much an MMO as GOW is an FPS, same goes for APB and GA. And all the crap Asian MMOs that look and play the same are laughable and cannot even hold a candle to the crappiest western MMOs released.

lodossrage2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

If you want to sit here and look at it that way that's fine. But since you're saying it's more of a boredom factor, just look at counter strike. Look how old that is yet it still brings in the players in droves.

So my "assumptions" are based on the fact that WOW IS feeling the threat of F2P whether anyone wants to admit it or not. If you want to sit here and believe that it's "oh it's because WOW is getting old" then that's your own business.

But ask yourself this, If F2P wasn't kicking off the way it is, would Activision have made WOW F2P for the first 20 levels?

k3x2490d ago

WOW isn't F2P. I don't play the game, but from what I remember, you should be able to hit the "F2P" level cap in one evening. It's just an extended trial. Talk to me when they actually do make it F2P, which they won't.

Online FPSes are not a very good comparison; you play the same game, you play the same maps etc., sure, but opponents, their tactics and behavior change and adapt constantly and that's what keeps people playing. In WOW you're stuck bashing the same dumb AI over and over again, and don't even talk to me about the joke that is WOW PVP.

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NuclearDuke2493d ago

WoW didn't go F2P. They initiated a "Up-to-20" pack which features about 1% of the game content. They still don't sell performance improvements for real cash in WoW, as with every Pay2Win(F2P) mmos.

detroitmademe2494d ago

Probably a good thing 4 newcomers.But i bought DCUO when it came out on january 11&spent $75 on the 6 month sub.I feel like i got played since i stopped playing like 2 months into it.I did learn a valuable lesson &thats not to invest n an mmo to quickly,it started out well&the fighting in-game is superb but ultimately theres was just not enough content in the game&the monthly updates we recieved did not justify the subscription fee AT ALL.I havent lost faith n SOE or console MMO 's.They just have 2 b done right &feel like a AAA title instead of the half-ass games we have now

RememberThe3572494d ago

Thats real, but it sucks that you got sucked in to a game that seems more like an experiment. I hope that they can work out how to do these type of games on console because I think they could be pretty fun, too bad DC Universe wasn't the one.

ECM0NEY2494d ago

I lost faith in SoE. I will never buy a SoE game again.

Sheikah2494d ago

Means I'll play it again- so that's a good thing for me :) also, the servers will be populated I reckon :)

JohnApocalypse2494d ago

Whats gonna happen with all the retail copies?

Bangkay2494d ago

IRCC, if you have any paid transactions before like buying retail copies or extending the subscription of your account will entitle you to premium account and you can get more benefits under their "legendary" account via monthly fee basis.

HemDroid2494d ago

Since when was Free a Bad Thing

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