This Is Why Dead Island Is Awesome

Dead Island is one of the most polarizing modern games ever, people either love it or absolutely hate it.

This is why Dead Island is awesome.

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One-X2520d ago

Great article on Dead Island right here. Whilst most people are complaining about the bugs, it's actually nice to have someone talk about the beautifully designed game. The only thing I can add to the article is personally I find the weapon system to really be immersive, in the aspect of hunting down them boxes with weapons inside, you never just know when that orange weapon is just around the corner. Which is strikingly similiar to Borderlands, but it's rewarding and really fun because they'll always be a load of boxes if you take your time to explore.

Tired of constantly hearing about the bugs, so for me it's actually nice to hear about the great aspects of the game, and hopefully we can see more and more praise after the bugs are ironed out.

Personally? I love this game a lot, I just have to put it down for now because I don't want to lose anymore gameplay time to the saving. Other than that the game is amazing.

pangitkqb2519d ago

This piece convinced me to check Dead island out. Unfortunately, said "check out" will have to wait until my budget catches up. Having recently purchased a tablet, Resistance 3, and with planned purchases of Rage, Sky rim, and a Vita, it might be a while. :/

jriquelme_paraguay2519d ago

lol.. i dont think this game is love it or hate it..
most low scores are because they really like the game, but feel bad about the "bugs and glitches"

I learn thanks to Bethesda ¬¬ to be patience... and Fallout 3 for example, is one of my best games ever...

Just wait for the patch and forgive the glitches and bugs. Hey, just reload... "Press Reset"

This kind of games are huuuuuuuuuge, and Devs cant emulate every scenario possible to see the glitch...

xhedleyx2520d ago

I'm on the fence with this game. It's such a great concept but it's so poorly executed in so many ways.

I just can't get past the games wonky controls and silly graphical issues.

dontbhatin2519d ago

what wonky controls are you talking about? i have it for PC maybe thats why.

bumnut2519d ago

You got a disagree for saying the 'P' word :)

Laxman2162519d ago

Dude, dont bring that PC-glorification bullshit in here. You like your PC over a console? Good for you, im glad youre happy, but some people dont like it and prefer a controller.

The controls are great on console though, I dont know what this guy is on about.

bumnut2519d ago

@Laxman, WTF? He only said he has the PC version so might not be experiencing the 'wonky controls'.

If you interpret that as 'PC-glorification bullshit' you have issues.

dontbhatin2518d ago

Wow layman you need to chill the heck out. Exactly what bumnut replied to you with. All i said was maybe I'm not seeing the wonky controls due to mouse and keyboard. Not because i have the pc version and that its better or anything like that.

You are one of those people that make these flame wars start. Accusing things you don't comprehend properly.

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shayol33t2519d ago

I don't own it on console (pc I do though) and both control schemes aren't too bad, actually quite useable. Heck, if you use a controller you can put it on analog fighting and literally control each swipe.

OhMyGumz2519d ago

The Bugs don't even bug me. I turned the sensitivity down with the controls and I'm sorry the gameplay alone trumps any bugs or poor execution. Sure its not a 10/10 but a great 8/10. Can't put it down, girlfriend was sent home lol.

kamakaz3md2519d ago

good article... I can deff relate cause I when I rented it I couldnt put it down either... it was in my ps3 for days and I didnt get to finish it but I do want to play it again badly

000000000000000000012519d ago

I just finished the 360 verison and didn't notice the bugs people are talking about. The only thing that I did notice was that a zombie could sometimes get half way threw a door. Big deal it never hurt game play and in fact you could sometimes kill the zombie.
One of the best games I have played this year!

Laxman2162519d ago

Yeah I agree completely.

Of course people arent going to like it if they let the little bugs affect them. Its thier loss anyway. Techland and Deep Silver already have thier money, and the numbers that will definately get the game a sequel of some sort, and they simply dont get to enjoy a game that hundreds of thousands of people love.

Less idiots on the online co-op, so thats good for the actual fans too!

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