Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review | Warp Zoned

Warp Zoned writes:

"The world of Human Revolution is convoluted. Political interests, the masses’ social consciousness, existentialist philosophy, and even the physical environment itself are mashed up together into a world of choices. No matter where you go in any of the levels, there are at least eight different ways to get there. The game happily rewards you with experience for ducking through a vent or making your own way by punching a hole in the wall. Each level has a well-balanced contrast. Everywhere are splashes of yellow neon and gray concrete. The streets of Detroit are dirty and maze-like, but as soon as you enter Sarif Industries, order and cleanliness prevail. The same effect happens with the filthy lower reaches of Hengsha city and the sterile beauty of the Tai Yong Medical Building later in the game. Multiple layers and sections of Hengsha hold hours of exploration and rewards for the most diligent achievement hunters."

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