Dead Island Review: Killing More Zombies (Goozernation)

Goozernation takes a look at Dead Island and asks, who says zombie games are stale? Gamers aren't tired of zombie games yet. Dead Island pumps new life into this over used cliche. Dead Island's combination of interesting story, RPG elements, fast paced action and co-op play make Dead Island a contender for GOTY.

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JimmyJames702372d ago

I'll have to play this one. Is it best playing co-op or is it still fun playing solo?

Lord_Sloth2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

It would be a blast playing co-op if the damn thing would bother working. This game has a good number of technical issues which, until they get patched, I will not purchase. Borrowed it from a friend to test it.

I advise you do some strong research to consider if you're willing to risk the purchase.

If they patch the issues, I'd say get it, if not, I say don't.

Ares84HU2372d ago

I keep hearing about these problems but when I played my cousins game this weekend I did not encounter a single issue. Autosave was fine, no bugs anywhere.

I think the autosave corruption problem comes from when people quit the game or turn off their console while the game is saving. It's actually hard to notice when the game saves so easy to look past it.

I can't wait for my copy to arrive in the mail.

Lord_Sloth2372d ago

Dude, I take saving very seriously in games. I would never neglect my systems and shutting off while saving risks the HDD and my data. I always make sure nothing is going on when powering down.

Sexius Maximus2372d ago

Most of the issues seem to revolve around the PS3 version. I've mostly been playing solo on the 360, and I'm loving it (about 20 hours in) Co-op works great on the 360 too; quick and simple. PC got better with the recent update; maybe I'd wait if you want to go the PS3 route.

strange19862372d ago

I'm about 25 hours in on the PS3. I've heard of others having problems, but I personally have not had many. I lost about 15 minutes worth of gameplay towards the beginning but that's about it.

kube002372d ago

Co-op is fun. I had heard the Pc version was the buggiest.

gamernova2372d ago

PC version is great now but we did get the developers edition on release so it was all messed up. They fixed it and provided two patches and it's awesome. I'm already on my second, time aroundand everything work perfectly fine. It sucks that this game had bugs because it kicks so much ass and so many gamers are missing out. Especially fun when you do coop.

kube002372d ago

Cool, glad it got fixed