F1 2011 Gameplay at Monza with Ferrari (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "In this third F1 2011 video today we take a Ferrari for a spin at one of the most famous tracks in racing -- the Italian grandprix Monza."

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kharma452441d ago

Need to work on using KERS better, it's for acceleration not top speed.

Just bouncing off the limiter when using it in the video.

Still, game looking well.

matey2441d ago

poor frame rate i dont care i can see its poor the game in motion looks worse than in stills fact i think WiiU F1 is in order 60fps plus with 1080p is what this game needs

Si-Fly2441d ago

WiiU lol! If you want 60fps plus do what I did and buy a PC for your racing games.

bumnut2441d ago

You get disagrees for even mentioning PC on this site.

Lots of jealous people out there that can't accept something is better than their console of choice.

Ve3tro2441d ago

The original recording was at 1080p 60FPS on Ultra settings through PC. You can't judge FPS through a compressed online video.

llMurcielagoll2441d ago

Apparently someone does not like Vettel XD

GoldenPheasant2441d ago

this look MUCH better than the other video I saw. phew!

a_bro2440d ago

Fernando is faster than you....