RipTen Review: Driver: San Francisco - brings back the glory of the original

RipTen: Its been over a decade since I’ve actually enjoyed a Driver game, which is due to the lackluster sequels after the franchise made its debut on the PSX back in 1999. After 12 long years, can Driver finally reclaim the sense of style we all know and love from the first game? Well, I can safely say that John Tanner is back and he’s proven that he’s capable of delivering a fantastic experience.

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jaredhart2647d ago

It's been getting decent reviews, I'll probably give it a look.

gw4kii2647d ago

I didn't like the demos!

xtheownerzx2647d ago

really? crap I may have to pick this up. Buddies and i used to waste hours and hours playing driver 2 back in the day and this reminds of those times.

bfenty2647d ago

This might change my mind about getting this game

Vagrant2647d ago

I remember when the first one was released, mainly because I'd just begun driving myself.

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