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E-mpire: Gears of War 3 Review

E-mpire writes: The Gears of War franchise has reached the end of its journey as Epic Games releases Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360. There's no doubt that Gears of War is one of the huge names this generation and the guys at Epic have done a great job in making sure that this final installment lives up to all that. (Epic Games, Gears of War 3, Xbox 360) 5/5

gw4kii  +   1324d ago
This is the gaming event of the year folks!
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vishant101  +   1324d ago
I got my copy of gears 3 16 hours ago :D its awesome btw i live in nz we are the first country in the world to "get" sunlight hope you all spend your night playing gears 3 and hope to see you all online:D
kcuthbertson  +   1324d ago
I really wish I had a 360 for this game...=[
BeAGamer  +   1324d ago
well you only had 5 long years to get one
PimpDaddy  +   1324d ago
Almost 6 years now. Just saying...
kornbeaner  +   1324d ago
I hoped MS never stopped publishing this series on PC. But I guess if they can't nickel and dime you for online play they don't want you playing their published games.
lochdoun  +   1324d ago
What's an uncharted???
BeAGamer  +   1324d ago
a cool interactive movie
CollinLabue  +   1324d ago
Gears of War 3 is the best game of all time.
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Grimhammer00  +   1324d ago
i love me my gears & forza & halo.....

but lets be honest, everything else worth any hype is on the other hd console too + . just sayin
candystop  +   1324d ago
Your delusional and have different tastes obviously. Only one game on the other console is really worth the hype (UC3). Then you have Multi-plats so really who would care about those little games anyway. All that exclusive talk is silly because Quantity does not equal Quality!

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