Britxbox: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Review

Richard Worrall writes: "While not the most succinct title of 2011, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron at least appreciates the strength of simplicity in other respects. Led by Takeyasu Sawaki (character designer for Okami and Devil May Cry), this 3D action adventure dispenses with the more complex controls and gritty realism of DMC. It even eschews the 3D occasionally, resembling a traditional platformer. It’s much more approachable than it sounds.

Even following completion of the game there are reasons to go back. Various difficulty levels, collectibles and grade challenges are just as they were in Bayonetta, providing legitimate replay opportunities. And although it borrows from Bayonetta where it makes sense to do so, this is a confident title in its own right that deserves more attention than we suspect it will receive. In the complicated business of the pre-Christmas blockbuster releases, El Shaddai is a simple and refreshing joy."

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gw4k2438d ago

This is great. Just great!
Some game I have never heard of on some site I have never heard of before.

Imagine trying to tell someone that you write for this site.

"You should go to my site, www -2 -brit - x - xox. co . uk."

"Ummm, yeah......"

jacksonmichael2438d ago

The url is a bit lame, sure. But you really can't blame them for you never having heard of the game. That's moronic. I beat it the week it came out. I thought it was a masterpiece. But I suppose, I'm actually capable of having a positive opinion.