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An apology from NetFlix

PSU: Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO at NetFlix, has issued a formal apology this morning in regards to the robust feedback received from the NetFlix service separation two months ago. (Industry, Netflix, Netflix, PS3)

gw4k  +   1315d ago
Funk you Netflix. That is why I dropped you and so did 600,000 other users!
kaveti6616  +   1315d ago
It's not Netflix's fault.

The studios they were dealing with wanted more money than Netflix could pay.

Original deal with Starz was 30 million dollars. When the contract was up, Netflix offered 300 million to renew. Starz refused. The same situation has occurred with other companies in the past, with Sony refusing to allow their films on Netflix because of some other dispute.

Netflix was a service that was too good to be true. I signed up for it 4 months ago and couldn't believe how wonderful a service it was for only 10 bucks a month. I knew right away that such a service would not last in such a hostile capitalistic environment. Other corporations saw how successful Netflix is and decided they didn't want to contribute to that success.

So, don't say f**k you to Netflix. Just reconsider the type of world you live in and exert your autonomy against the few old, white men who control everything within their clutches.
gw4k  +   1315d ago
That isn't correct!
You are completely incorrect.

I'm not saying the whole deal with Netflix didn't happen, because it did. But, it happened because of Disney! Disney has a deal with Starz. Disney is going to pull it's content if the deal continued. Disney wants their own deal with Netflix!

So, get your facts straight son before you try to argue with me!

All of this has nothing to do with the price increase. Netflix just split the business into TWO sections!

That is what is going on. That is why!
kaveti6616  +   1315d ago
Starz owns content from Sony and Disney, but neither Sony nor Disney was involved in Starz's decision to back out of the deal.
Sarobi  +   1314d ago

That is completely incorrect. Disney had done nothing to do with Starz's decision
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1314d ago
I tried the free 30 day trial and there is no way I would pay for this crappy site. If you enjoy deciding to watch a movie and then wait 3 days for it to be mailed then more power to ya.

When I want to watch a movie I want to watch it right now. The streaming selection is so sparse I think I found some dead crickets and a couple dust balls in it.

Come talk to me when you have same day releases as DVD AND stream in 1080p FOR ALL MOVIES.
Burning_Finger  +   1315d ago
Greedy Mutha!!!
ForROME  +   1315d ago
What a dumb company, why even make a change at all. You were popular, people were signing up in drobes, you had no reason to make any big change and affect users, and the changes you did need to make, you could have been way less drastic about it.

Now look at you - just bad decision, communication and management decisions. Hopefully this give BlockBuster online some business.
Software_Lover  +   1315d ago
Its not their fault
These f'n studios want gazillions of dollars for old @$$ movies and shows. What they are really trying to do is run Netflix into the ground so that each individual studio can have its owns online Paid service. So wishing Netflix away will only bring on more of the same but more money out of your pocket.

Netflix got too big for its own good and now everyone wants in on the action.
VileAndVicious  +   1315d ago
True the content providers probably rape netflix over their deals behind closed doors (like Starz for example)
But I think this particular choice split into two seperate companies isnt the brightest.
But I think if they can increase their streaming content most people wouldnt care and love them again.
kingdoms  +   1315d ago
Well said...
Cosmit  +   1315d ago
Honestly, the selection was pretty bad. I too stopped using it but it was a bit before the price went up and the Starz incident.
archemides518  +   1315d ago
netflix u a dang foo
Bolts  +   1315d ago
The Quickster stupidity was the last straw. I canceled after years of being a loyal customers, and I was with them since the start.
Ashby_JC  +   1315d ago
Price increases are never good.

Especially when that raise doesnt come with EXTRA content to justify the increase!!

Im with you as I may be CXLin my service soon.

I think I have outgrown the whole rental thing as my free time is filled up with other stuff.
Ashby_JC  +   1315d ago
I didnt mind the seperation of the streaming and dvd rental into 2 prices as my increase wasnt substantial from what I was already paying.

But reading that I will now have 2 different charges and they are splitting the it up....meaning I have to go to different sites to do streaming and another to rent dvds and now games.

Ill give it a chance as I do rent games from gamefly and this would be a good option to dump gamefly.

OR just dump Netflix or whatever they are going to call it down the line....as it stands...I barely watch and DVDs anymore...I have had the Expendables on Blu Ray from Netflix for months!!

And streaming...im so busy I just dont have the time. So if I have to choose..I think Ill be dumping the rental aspect.

Winter is around the corner...so I may just see if I rent more when I have more time...(im a mechanic...more business in warm months)
beavis4play  +   1314d ago
awwwwww.......i thought reed sent that to me, personally!! LOL with LOTS of sarcasm

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