Will you be purchasing a memory card come V-Day?

Sony have taken the unusual stance of using a new memory card format for the Sony Ps Vita rather than the standard memory sticks found in the original psp and other compatible devices. Fans around the globe are surprised by this new approach, meaning we as consumers have to fork out more cash just to save games come V-DAY. As of now it’s apparent no memory card will be bundled with the standard Ps Vita packages, something that will send many of you into an uproar, but a smart move on Sony’s behalf as it’s an opportunity to get their new format out to the masses.

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smashcrashbash2410d ago

Maybe. Now that I know I don't NEED it day one I might hold off buying one until later. But if anything I will go for the 8 or 16 gigbyte one. That would suffice for now.

gw4k2410d ago

Is this a poll or something?
Will this be graded?

JoGam2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Here gw4K, take the damn code. K7TH-WE4D-BXC7-5TGE

blumatt2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I probably won't get a memory card for awhile. I'll be buying all my games via physical copy at stores. And, for those who don't know, game saves and patches are saved to the Vita game cards. You don't HAVE to have a Vita memory card unless you're gonna put games, music, videos, etc. on it. Just a heads up.

Really, man?? Really? Stop posting pointless stuff.

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morganfell2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Well gw4k, considering your post history it is quite unremarkable that you do not possess the least familiarity with the structure of PSN codes.

Sarcasmology2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

PSN codes are only 12 characters

Autodidactdystopia2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I will not be buying one day one. I remeber paying 50 bucks for a 512MB memorystick

Now you can Get 4 Gigs for 8-20 bucks. Back then that would have cost you about $300.

I dunno i just dont want to spend that much money when by the end of life for the system these cards will be 64 to 128GB for under $30

Still gives me something to look foreward to; Extremely cheap memory that seems like a lot today.

On the side, which of you are actually gonna buy a vita day one? (or the next few months for that matter) which will involve waiting in lines over 24 hours good time for a tailgater Or is it just forum talk. Or does amazon do preorders on consoles now too?

smashman982410d ago

yes amazon takes preorders on consoles

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metsgaming2410d ago

V-day thats clever lol ill probably get one just not sure which depends on the price which will be lower thanpeople think sorry haters exchange rate doesnt matter it will be less than that just look at the vita price at exchange its more than 250 more like 320 but its not bc they dont follow it.

mindedone2410d ago

*insert "I just lost my V-card" joke here*

TreMillz2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Depends on the games I'm getting for it. As of right now only Uncharted:Golden Abyss is being purchased alongside it. If it needs one then so be it. But i plan on having like $500 saved for my vita anyways. Might just get the 32 GB. Wish it didn't have to be Vita branded cards though.

miyamoto2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

No need to Gravity Rush on the memory cards my friends!

What a badly written article!!!!! I will keep an eye on this web site built to put negative publicity on another Sony PlayStation device.

If the proprietory cards are meant for anti-piracy then I am good with that.

Did any one complained when the Sony introduced their Mememory Cards on the PS1 & PS 2?

I heard that Sandissk just made a 64GB yes..... 64 GB micro SD card the 4G & LTE super phones are supporting. The price of these Vita cards will be going down too. And I am sure Sandisk et al will have their less expensive and higher capacity Vita memory cards.

dantesparda2409d ago

My answer is no! not at those prices. Should have had some internal memory just like any modern mobile device.

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xtheownerzx2410d ago

ill get the 32gb if i have the money at the time.

DigitalRaptor2410d ago

I'll be getting the largest posssible.

Based on my experience with the PS3 and its HDD, upgrading will see huge benefits. 32 GB sounds good to me, but is there any bigger for the Vita?

remanutd552410d ago

i think that will be the bigger at launch .

Optical_Matrix2410d ago

I will indeed. 16GB most likely.

tiffac0082410d ago

It will depend on the price and since I don't usually download stuff I will probably choose between the 4GB or the 8GB.

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