Why are developers bringing us back a generation?

In the past few years the trend for releasing classic old games in shiny new HD has risen dramatically. So too has the release of prequels to classic series like Halo and Deus Ex been on the rise. So why is the gaming industry taking us back to the start of the last generation of games? Is it a step back in development or a way to remember better times?

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Godmars2902470d ago

Many devs can't risk spending a lot of money on new IPs, so they're going back to old ones.

gw4k2469d ago

Back a generation? Are your retarded? Seriously?
Do I even need to argue this or can you guys figure this out on your own?

The reticule .com is known for stupid articles and at least they are staying true to themselves. Good work!

Chocoboh2469d ago

And then you have SquareEnix milking the name "Final Fantasy" when Squaresoft are the ones that made the name and the actually good games worth playing.

kreate2469d ago

But devs who are doing these hd remakes are the ones who can take the risk of spending a lot of money.

Also remakes has been coming for the last 10 - 15 years. Its not anything new.

But there is a demand for it. Since its the first time remakes or re-releases whatever u want to call them, are coming out in hd. As well as collecting trophies/achievements for popular last gen games.

Gamers want it, developers want to sell it, its a fast process, win win win for most of us.

BeOneWithTheGun2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

I don't mind if they are done properly. Also, for younger gamers who might have not played the originals, it is a great way to get familiar with the franchise.

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BroGamer2469d ago

Like Godmars290 said, a lot of them are playing it safe. Proven formula creates limited risk. Also, a lot of HD remakes are in preparation for sequels/future titles such as ICO/SoTC for Last Guardian. Its an expensive but effective marketing tool.

Caleb_1412469d ago

Not expensive if the remakes go on to sell lots of copies as I imagine the MGS and Ico/SotC collections will be.

Burning_Finger2469d ago

Funding for the next IP or sequels.

Okami HD for Vita would be epic.

or Okamiden port on the vita would be heavenly.

TheColbertinator2469d ago

Personally I welcome some of the remakes like Persona 4,Final Fantasy X,Metal Gear Solid 3 and Halo.Those games symbolize the creative flair that the industry once had.However I know they are cash-ins and offer little to gamers now.

Mgs4isOverrated2469d ago

Basic business laws:

Give what consumers want = $

Do you really think the CEO's and people in charge of it all were like, "It would be uber cool to see an HD 3D version of chrono trigger.....OMg OMG make it make it!!"

Saladfax2469d ago

Only one change:

It's not give what consumers want; it's give what consumers will tolerate at the best expense/profit ratio.

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