Resistance 3 – PS3 Review by Brash Games

James Hamblin of Brash Games writes "After the series’ original hero, Nathan Hale, was stood down at the end of Resistance 2, you now take on the role of Joseph Capelli, initially a peripheral character who grew in importance in the latter half of the previous game".

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monkeymagik2256d ago

It's a much better game then Dead island imo.

aviator1892256d ago

The games are very different to be directly compared.

DrFUD2256d ago

"here is some of the best you’ll see in a shooter"

monkeymagik2255d ago

They are different games, but i was talking about what they offer. I've got dead island on PC atm. It's a decent game don't get me wrong.

It's just i find the whole, do this, get this boring.

Graphics and scale of the island is impressive, but i would have preferred a structured setting etc.

I know people like side missions, it's just not mything.

But Resistance 3 SP and MP are excellent.