Will Monster Hunter 4 be a 3DS Exclusive?

Carl B. of writes, "Monster Hunter is insanely popular in Japan – the series alone has made Sony's PSP relevant in the region. There's no doubt that Capcom's recently announced Monster Hunter 4 will have a huge impact in Japan, but what are the chances that this 3DS project stays exclusive to the portable? The answer may not be as clear cut as Nintendo loyalists have hoped."

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RoboSpiff2372d ago

It probably wont, but i will still play it for the 3DS.

StbI9902372d ago

Was 3 ever exclusive of nintendo after 3rd appeared on PSP and Ps3 destroying all the numbers wii's version did? and that solely in japan xD.

SilentNegotiator2372d ago

If Capcom isn't stupid and they don't have a VERY pricey deal with Nintendo....then it won't stay exclusive. Not for long.

Corax2372d ago

Capcom to me is VERY stupid. I don't understand why this game won't come to PS3. When I say that I would like to see this game made specially for the PS3 not some HD port that doesn't make it state side! Hopefully it's just they haven't announced anything yet but it still is stupid on there part. Maybe I'll be on the Vita, I would like to play this game on the go.

ThanatosDMC2372d ago


Tri and 3rd are completely different from each other. Tri was great because it had underwater battles and bowgun customization but 3rd beats it in everything else.

firelogic2372d ago

The presser never said it's exclusive to the 3ds. if it was, i'm sure they would have said so.

PSVita2372d ago

very true. I think Capcom is probably waiting to see how the vita does before investing too much, otherwise N would have touted about it being exclusive.

Nitrowolf22372d ago

Nope. Not gonna happen knowing Capcom they will release Portable 4 G for psvita/psp

LOGICWINS2372d ago

I like how people rarely show interest in Monster Hunter on N4G...but when the possibility of it being exclusive to one console arisis, the crap hits the fan.

SilentNegotiator2372d ago

This isn't a forum board. People discuss Monster Hunter when news arises or an article comes along.

At the time you're posting this comment, the article was at 80 degrees or less, so how about not jumping the gun on claiming that fans were hit by fecal matter?

TreMillz2372d ago

Well until the recent announcement of MH HD, 3G and 4, what news of MH was there? NONE! ADURRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

LOGICWINS2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I'm just speakin my mind bra. Not trying to insult any fans.

@NitroWolf- Just to be clear dude, I wasn't talking about you specifically, just N4G in general.

Nitrowolf22372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Uh I love Monster Hunter Regardless of what Console it's on. I thought 3 was gonna release for PS3 so I bought one ahead of time. Then found out it was for the wii and went for that. Now I'm just gonna wait for it to come to Vita (since I am most def buying that) since Capcom has done it with every other Console MH game by bringing it to handheld.

Plus it's not like we get a bunch of MH news

ronin4life2372d ago

I feel like that's the case, myself.
Especially the comment section of the original story for the announcement on n4g. Most of the comments either bitched about how it wasn't on ps3, or dismissing it by stating it would come to Vita eventually, instead of being exited about it at all.
I can't wait to play monster hunter tri g, and hope 4 comes out soon, to. Monster hunter is one of my favorite games, and one of gamings best overall.

SilentNegotiator2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )


So you guys seriously expect people to get excited over ONE game that ISN'T being announced for a platform they give the slightest care about?

Oh, and 160 degrees. And the story is now off the front page. Oh man, crap hit the fan!

ronin4life2372d ago

@ silent

But it's not about the GAME, everyone is focusing on the fact it's NOT for the ps3 or vita.
If people were just talking about the game itself, it would be another thing altogether. But the apparent majority is simply focusing on the fact that Nintendo took away Sony's big advantage in Japan. We all know that Monster Hunter is not that big in America, so what else could explain such a dramatic rise in interest? Like you said, why should people get exited for a game on a console they apparently hate?
It may be just an assumption, but it's not a baseless one.

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Moduserous2372d ago

Tri was the last great Wii game...

limewax2372d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles....

jacksonmichael2372d ago

He's from North America. Lol.

OllieBoy2372d ago

You know Famitsu will end up revealing it for the Vita in the near future.

Godmars2902372d ago

But then I expect the PSV with get a MH4 with a subtitle.

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