Analysis: How Netflix Could Shake Up The Game Rental Business

Chris Morris writes:Maybe it's a good thing that GameFly has been unable to get its act together and launch that IPO it filed for last February - because if it had, its stock would surely be taking a prison yard beating today.

Netflix has made some baffling moves in the last couple of months, and Sunday's announcement that it would be spinning its DVD-by-mail service into a separate division certainly qualifies as one of them. But the addition of video games to its offerings could be just what the business needs to prop that service up for a few more years.

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Godmars2902375d ago

Actually hating Netflix for shaking up the movie rental market, driving mom and pop out and even all but killing Blockbuster, with what was an unstable business model. Being forced to make radical changes themselves or risk going under.

And of course I just started using it again.

gamingdroid2374d ago

It's all natural movement of things. Big businesses are far more efficient than your small mom and pop shops.

Don't hate them, and they seem to be doing the right thing.

kma2k2374d ago

Im actually for this, currently im f'ing pissed at gamefly today, ive had gears 3 in my q for 3 months & had an open game q spot since last tuesday & they didnt ship me out gears today. This is only the 3rd time its happened to me in over a year i didnt get a game on release day, but still dammit it was one of the top 3 games i really wanted to play this year!

aviator1892374d ago

Gamefly have gotten better over time due to their post office quick returns, but they still take forever to get to me.
Though, Qwikster looks promising.

gamingdroid2374d ago

Gamefly is slow @ss hell! Takes them like a week for turn around time so I cancelled my trial subscription a long time ago. If they can't ship out in time trying to get you as a customer, I shudder at the thought of being a customer.

Maybe others have better experience?