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Submitted by Hardedge 1606d ago | opinion piece

Resistance 3 Sales Prove Kevin Butler Still A Bad Salesman "When Kevin Butler disappeared into obscurity a few months ago I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe Sony had learned their lesson that hilarious advertisements are only worth perusing if they actually have a positive impact on sales. Perhaps this time they were going to focus on showcasing the raw power of what their games can provide, the same way that they've done such a superb job in showing how the PlayStation 3 really is worth any real gamer's time and money. We all knew it wouldn't be the end of KB for sure, he was bound to return in some form or another in the future, but perhaps they would come up with something that would make us want the man to return. Long Live Play was the best they had in mind apparently, and I'm sure Insomniac Games are absolutely thrilled about it. Resistance 3 was the first title to run shortly after Kevin's impressive LLP launch video, so with a few million eyes looking at gaming's most influential fake CEO, sales must be booming, right?" (PS3, Resistance 3)

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ShawnCollier  +   1606d ago
Honestly it seems to me that Sony basically left the title out to die.

I barely heard anything about it this year. And that E3 demo on-stage was awful.
Nitrowolf2  +   1606d ago
well I don't Think sales figure have been released yet, but still not a good indication considering Dead Island has just released theirs and it's been about 2 weeks now.

I think what damaged Resistance 3 was the fact that Insomniac released Resistance 2, which was just a huge turn off. Resistance 3 is an amazing game and a huge leap forward from 2, but ultimately I think that's what really holding it back. The success of R2 is going to reflect on R3, which in this case is not a good position.

I thought the commercial was fine though. The failure of R3 sales has nothing to do so much with Kevin Butler ad itself, but the damage to the series.

Though I do agree, Sony could have definitely improved on marketing it better.

The game is great though and I have to say it's my favorite (for single player) out of the whole series.
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MintBerryCrunch  +   1606d ago | Interesting
problem is the commercial is more for the sharpshooter and the move than the game, the only gameplay you got to see was on the tv, yet all the focus was on KB
Micro_Sony  +   1606d ago
Mintberry hit the nail on the head - KB is funny and all but in the end people pay more attention to trailers that have a nice song with some cut scenes from the game.

Sony need to take notes from MS and do something like the Believe Halo commercials or Mad World trailer.
NukaCola  +   1606d ago
Yeah, I like MS's trailers. They are always some emotionally soft sad song over slow mo action setpieces. Even Battlefield 3 has one with the girl singing 'drowning' and then it gets real at the end. That commercial has a lot of emotion. I think Sony needs to market games that appeal like that. They would do better IMHO. Flower had a really good trailer with 'Catch the Wind' and I though it was brilliantly done. I agree more of those would be a good deal.

But don't get rid of KB, cause his commericals are still friggin hilarious.
CloseSecond  +   1606d ago
R3 could be a multiplatform game as nothing about it on a technical level suggests it is a PS3 exclusive. As for the story, its tired and generic. That whole sequence on the train seemed thrown in as they wanted some type of rail gun level but what the hell was with the exploding carriages?!?

Quite honestly people wont be talking about this game a month from now.
Pixel_Enemy  +   1606d ago
I am a pretty big PS3 fanboy, even tho I own all three consoles.. That being said, I also love nearly all PS3 exclusives but for some reason I never really cared for Resistance. Killzone on the other hand kicks ass.
Bigpappy  +   1606d ago | Helpful
These are form VGchartz:

1)Tales of Xillia (PS3)
Namco Bandai, RPG 509,026 ..... 509,026

2)Dead Island (X360)
Deep Silver, Action 386,735 ..... 386,735

3)Resistance 3 (PS3)
Sony , FPS 274,051 ..... 274,051

4)Dead Island (PS3)
Deep Silver, Action 223,889 ..... 223,889

5)Madden NFL 12 (X360)
EA Sports, Sports 159,613 ..... 852,850

This is probably where the writer got his numbers. I am not commenting on either side. Just wanted to point out where the writer's source might be.
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NewMonday  +   1606d ago
it did very well in the US where it sold the most, maybe its because the bad advertising of the game in Europe where the PS3 is strongest.
mastiffchild  +   1606d ago
UK here-haven't bought the game myself yet(soo skint with three kids back to school last week AND the youngest one's B'day this that I haven't had personal game money or anything since Deus Ex, maybe a lot of UK/EU epople are either back to school/college etc or paying for kids who are? All I know is that I've NEVER seen a R3 ad on TV here-ever-and unlike most games there wasn't ever any preorder boards up in our local Game stores to put the fate in minds as there is for EVERY other game practically.

Also, yet to see one ad for the game outside the games media in the UK and few gamers read about the subject-which is one of the biggest issues we have AND keeps the writing itself of poor quality.
Mnemonic-DK  +   1606d ago
@newmonday: Well in the Danish Discovery Channel, R3 and the PS3 is advertised nearly every ad break.

I can't remember the PS3 being advertised this much before, but it is possible that the ad campaigns are scheduled differently due to the more fragmented market in Europe.

Edit: And since I'm not very much into FPS, I'll wait until R3 is cheaper, like I did with R1 and R2.
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buddymagoo  +   1606d ago
Sony spent nearly 3m on advertising in the UK alone. I saw the adverts quite a lot.
Ravens20  +   1606d ago
They should've stayed exclusive. Thats why they only got a rental out of me. I'll wait til it hits $20 on gamefly used to buy it.
coolfool  +   1606d ago
@ buddymagoo

So if they spent that much money on advertising then where's the ads? Like mastiffchild I haven't seen any either.
gumchewinasskikr  +   1606d ago
lets calm down here it's only been 2 weeks.
Clarence  +   1606d ago
Ur right Resistance 1 was cool, but 2 was crap. I never been a big fan of the Resistance games. Know you have games like MW, BF, KZ, Halo, that are way better than what Resistance can offer.

Kevin Butler really helped put PS3 back in the spotlight.
DaTruth  +   1606d ago
That commercial is for the Sharpshooter, notice all the attention was on the Sharpshooter; and if you're planning on picking up R3, you can play it with the Sharpshooter!

The commercial for R3 is a completely different commercial where Capelli states his intention to strike the tower in New York! Then they advertise the 249.99 PS3!

Obviously this is just a troll KB article for the purposes of getting hits!
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snipes101  +   1606d ago
I think that chalking it up to bad advertising is the wrong thing to do here. Maybe I'm missing something huge but I don't exactly see much advertising before the release of Uncharted titles and those still sell like hotcakes. I'm running to the store on day one to get my copy.

For this game, on the other hand, I did see some commercials an it's not doing well. Maybe people are just not that interested in this entry or maybe they're tired of the series.
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cpayne93  +   1606d ago
Another thing to consider is the amount of other big titles released around this time. cod, uncharted, battlefield, gears etc. It has a lot of other shooters to share the market with right now and it may have gotten a bit overshadowed. I believe the sales would have been much better if it was released earlier in the summer.
ngecenk  +   1606d ago
the problem is simple: wrong marketing! kb is good but not THAT good, and the target is effective only to internet users who actually GET the jokes. but on tv and all you got is a "meh".

all sony's need to do a live action tv spot like halo series. resistance is similar to halo, it must built a signature on its franchise, unlike CoD or BF. but to make those signature noticeable, they have to work harder
Corax  +   1606d ago
Kevin Butler Still A Bad Salesman?
That's stupid. PS3 gamers love supporting there own exclusives but I think alot of people are really wanting and waiting for Battlefield 3. Or there just not FPS fans and are waiting for MORE JRPG SONY! I wish I had enough to get R3 just to support it and will be getting it later down the line but this holiday is really filled with alot of blockbuster games. R3 is really brilliant. The beta was really mind blowing to me. I can't speak for others but I would like to see 40 or 60 players online like they did with the last 2. But I don't think the sales have anything to do with Kevin Butler this article seems to be written by a anti Sony fanboy. I honestly don't know how these articles get approved I mean really. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but this is just stupid to think he had anything to do with bad sales.
killcycle  +   1605d ago
I went into central London and saw adverts everywhere and even a massive one on a large bridge overhead so I don't believe the sales have anything to do with how it's being marketed instead I just think it's because it's got "Resistance" in the title.

People just want modern standard shooters these days and ain't willing to try anything else, they just see the name "Resistance" and turn the page.

It's such ashame!
pixelsword  +   1605d ago
Sony also just makes bad TV commercials. The Resistance commercial ought to have been all about resistance and not move. Move has it's own commercial and KB should have an alternative R3 commercial, but not just KB on Resistance; as his commercials are for people going to get it, and a pure R3 should be for people who's mind is not made up or not planning on getting it.

I also think it's a little revenge because of IG going multiplatform. That and kicking the title off of the 3DTV kinda makes it obvious.
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OmegaSlayer  +   1606d ago
Maybe it also must be taken into account that Insomniac went multiplat and lots of people is not happy about it.
Just like it happened with Ninja Theory and Enslaved.

Not even Sony felt the need to support a team that turned their back on them, and I bet Sony knew it from before R2 and R&C: ACIT announcements.
That's why Insomniac titles lately haven't been supported like Twisted Metal or Starhawk.

When "analyst" do their math they never estimate the crazy factor that is "people emotional reactions" to things.
mastiffchild  +   1606d ago
WTF? Seriously, the number of fanboys angry enough not to buy an exclusive just because a dev will also be making games for other platforms in future is TINY. Also, Sony just never advertises anything where I live-not to the mainstream like ninty or MS-and it shows.
baodeus  +   1606d ago
Well that explains it, PS3 exclusives only get bought by fanboys. Really?
VileAndVicious  +   1605d ago
Actually enslaved wasnt a bad game (Just rented it through gamefly) The reason it didnt do so well is two fold...

1) Enslaved came out at a really bad time, if I recall correctly it came out the same day as Lords of Shadow and another heavy hitter. I remember playing the demo and thought about buying it but I got Lords of Shadow instead (which sucked to me)

2)Namco published Enslaved and they didnt advertise it for shit. Think about it. How many enslave commercials do you remember seeing? It was a good game but its publisher didnt advertise it.(much like R3)

You have to remember we all come to this site and stay up on all the latest gaming news but the average consumer doesnt. They dont know or care about Ninja theories choice to go multiplat.

As for R3, maybe people are just getting tired of FPSs ( I know I am) and there was nothing particularly remarkable about it. (Played the demo wasnt bad just not impressive to me.)Not to mention the commercials that I do see are pretty bland and dont really do much to capture your attention.
ainsz  +   1606d ago
I was very surprised I saw resistance 3 being advertised late august until release here in the uk as anything playstation is usually very poorly marketed.
Gamer1982  +   1606d ago
The main differnce I think is early adopters of 360 bought the console for shooters like Gears and Halo so 360 has the bear share of shooter hardcore fans. PS3 fans however are a bit more varied and always have been they expected big RPG's like Final Fantasy which 13 was exclusive for a short while remember?. So I think most PS3 gamers like differnt genres compared to 360 gamers. Both hardcore and casual gamers (now thanks to Kinect). Sales of shooters constantly prove this.

COD still sells well on both as well kids manage to get there hands on that game thanks to terrible parents. But look at games like FF13 it sold better on PS3 than 360 worldwide. I personally get all my hardcore games on ps3 purely because most my friends have made the leap from 360 to PS3 over the years but my situation is unique and it doesn't mean my 360 doesn't get used. I love my Dance Central :p.
YOUGOTOWNEDLOL  +   1605d ago
Good point
Ps3 owners like myself, do like to play other other games, other then shooters! hell look at our exclusive we have all types of games. Reason why 360 exclusive sell well is because they don't have many exclusives or different types of games to choose from unless you like Kinect games.
Megaton  +   1606d ago
The commercials are really bad, the non-KB ones. It's like 5 seconds of Capelli talking about some tower. No context or anything. Does more harm than good.
RememberThe357  +   1605d ago
I thought the same thing. Sony really dropped the ball with the Resistance 3 ads. The KB ads are for the sharpshooter bundle, and the regular ads don't look cool and don't make you want to play the game. The Dead Island ads on the other hand show a bunch of zombies a beautiful island so you basically know what your getting. R3 needed that kind of ad, thats straight to the point and simple to understand. Instead it got a lame out of context voice over...
kikizoo   1606d ago | Trolling | show
Knushwood Butt  +   1606d ago
The problem with Insomniac is Naughty Dog.

Despite Insomniac having the head start, Naughty Dog keep stealing the spotlight.

Then there's Resistance 2, which a lot of people weren't happy with.

To make matters worse, Insomniac then went and announced they were going multiplat.

All the advertising in the world won't change that, and nor will it make the increased competition go away.

Resitance 3's sales will be OK in the long run.
Anon1974  +   1606d ago
So, it's Kevin Butler's fault, and has nothing at all to do with Resistance 2 releasing in the middle of the holiday shopping season...because, you know...that wouldn't influence a game's sales at all. /s

Honestly, how brain dead do you have to be to compare one week's sales from a site known for it's inaccuracies, against sales from the preceding game which was launched in the middle of the holiday's, prior to the recession (or to compare sales from a hot, multiplatform title), and then try to draw any conclusions from that, in the complete absence of accurate data?
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Angrymorgan  +   1606d ago
Dead island has been top of the charts since release. There's your reason!
callahan09  +   1606d ago
I've been watching TV non-stop for the past 2 weeks, all football games and ESPN and NFL Network, and some of the morning and nightly news programs and a couple sitcoms and Breaking Bad and some other stuff. To put it simply, again, a lot of TV! And I've seen the Resistance 3 commercial exactly once. So it doesn't matter how "good of a salesman" Kevin Butler is if nobody is seeing the ads!
himdeel  +   1606d ago
Kevin Butler is cool for video game folk but sucks in translation for the, "I only buy 'x' game." regardless of system crowd. Been saying it since I got my PS3 but Sony marketing or lack there of just plain old sucks.

As a person who actively will consider purchasing a PS3 exclusive over a multiplat game It makes no sense to me why the exclusives aren't flying off the shelf.

MS Marketing monster just plain old kicks ass. I do believe this marketing of Sony is a bit of the throwback of their typical arrogance some folks hate them for.
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Blaze929  +   1605d ago
let's be real, who was really expecting much from Resistance 3? Especially if the first two did nothing spectacular in terms of sales.

That + the new introduction to the online pass and I don't see why anyone would have thought Resistance 3 would do impressive numbers.

But the game is good don't get me wrong - I bought a copy day 1. But, it's 'just' well - Resistance. Not exactly the flagship IP you hear people talking about.
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RememberThe357  +   1605d ago
I tried to say the same thing and got jumped by fanboys. I had one spamming me with sales numbers and stupid articles about the 360 dieing. The truth is the truth and this game never really had a chance with the ads Sony put out.
finbars75  +   1605d ago
I'm not sure what they are talking about but I see the Resistance3 trailer all the time.Not the Kevin butler one but the one with Joseph cappeli talking on a mic which all my friends just saw and loved the commercial and went out to buy it right regrets on buying it that's for sure.I have played the SP about 5 times now.I can see how people where turned off by the second installment of Resistance although I did enjoy it but a lot of others really didnt like the step backward they took with the game.I can guarantee those who are second guessing this game You won't be disappointed and the commercial just came on my tv timing.
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AEtherbane  +   1605d ago
Bad salesman, but funny as shit.
frostypants  +   1605d ago
Nah, the ads are fine. Take more than a TV spot to sell a game.
Muffins1223  +   1605d ago
Yea,its not kevin butler,its sony.They dont advertise enough
nbsmatambo  +   1605d ago
I like how he justifies this article by comparing it to Dead Island, "Even looking aside from the fact that Dead Island was a multi-platform launch, the game still almost broke R3's first week on the PlayStation 3 alone (223,899 units vs 274,051) based off of a viral video shown months before launch was even confirmed."

I had to come back and just comment about that lol
multips3fan  +   1605d ago
i seen a lot of r3 ads especially on espn.and the game is great.i been having a great timewith it.all they gotta fix is the lagg issues and it will be even better
rezzah  +   1605d ago
I never even knew Kevin did a ad for this game...

Sony needs to advertise if they want their games to be heard.
BinaryMind  +   1605d ago
I don't think the burden of sales should be left on Kevin Butler alone. The fact is Resistance 3 is another shooter in already an overcrowded genre this holiday.
LOGICWINS  +   1606d ago
Gotta admit, that RE3 commercial was horrible. KB's done much better commercials than that.
SoapShoes  +   1606d ago
Well you realize that there were TWO commercials and KB was not the only one that aired?
LOGICWINS  +   1606d ago
YUP. Whats your point?
Sevir04  +   1606d ago
Let him troll! Lol!
Drekken  +   1605d ago
There goes logic trolling again with his 6 bubbles and barley any agrees. I can't make any sense out of it.
solidjun5  +   1601d ago
"There goes logic trolling again with his 6 bubbles and barley any agrees. I can't make any sense out of it."

You're not the only one. I think he has multiple accounts to keep him afloat. I know he has his deadreckoning666 account.
KingSlayer   1606d ago | Immature | show | Replies(3)
chidori666  +   1606d ago

I'm not stunned in R3 poor sales, was a hypedbehemoth, seems to just have come along (as I think a lot of people perceive it) and the generally moderate reviews it has received adds up to this consequently, IMO.
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memots  +   1606d ago
Moderate review? Lol . Ok bud whatever. Also can you show me how poor the sales are?? Yeah that's right, you can because no one knows the numbers aren't out yet ...
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smashcrashbash  +   1606d ago
What a bunch of crap. Since when is 8s and 9s and 10s and a total of 86% all together moderate? God we go through this with every PS3 exclusive. It has only been out for a short while and no one here knows the total sales of R3 from either Sony or Insomniac. So stop the trolling and stop the speculation already.
Holeran  +   1606d ago
Moderate reviews? You didn't do well in school did you?
cobblestone19  +   1606d ago


It's being reviewed very well.
taijutsu363  +   1606d ago
Very much true! I remember not seeing a single TV ad and barely any gameplay and trailers for it! And the KB R3 ad it was funny n had a nice speech, but didnt wanna make me want to grab my keys and drive out to the local Gamestop. Why do that to an amazing series?
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PaPa-Slam  +   1606d ago
I really don't understand the writers Beef with Kevin Butler?
scotchmouth  +   1605d ago
Probably a strategic move to get people wound up resulting in hits and heat on n4g.

People can't help but comment on this kind of trash. It's like watching a train wreck. You can't help it.
F4sterTh4nFTL   1606d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
-Mezzo-  +   1606d ago
Do you honestly think that Sony would keep making these ADS, if they were't paying off.

I completely agree that R3 sales are not that good. But i expect people to realize that if this wasn't working, it would have been gone by Now.
skeletonss   1606d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(5)
Micro_Sony  +   1606d ago
Mezzo you been on N4G for ages and you still have not changed.
-Mezzo-  +   1606d ago
I'm a C**T & An Idiot.
@skeletonss -- wow, you have issues. I could act stupid (as you) & insult you back, but i will not drop down to your level.

@Micro_Sony --- What exactly should i have changed into? Why would being on N4G for ages change my opinion or ME?

@TheLastGuardian -- Thanks for the Back up. =]
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Cardenjs  +   1605d ago
Exactly, after Kevin Butler made it on the scene, PS3 had HUGE sales jumps.

Plus, its good enough for Best Buy to blatantly copy
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Scotty056  +   1606d ago
Sony did screw themselves over here. I didn't see one commercial other than the ones I searched on YouTube. I bought the game because I really enjoyed the first two, and 3 hasn't disappointed. The sales could've been way better.
xAlmostPro  +   1606d ago
I disagree, i had resistance 3 ads for awhile on youtube, i dont watch much tv but i've seen the tv ad, add to that in glasgow city centre there's a huge resistance 3 billboard type ad.. which is a strange city of all places to put such a big ad but hey.. it shows it was marketed atleast :)
Cardenjs  +   1605d ago
I didn't have too much faith in Resistance 3 because Resistance 2 felt like a Halo clone.
Apotheosize  +   1606d ago
Over saturation for games this year? I dont know, maybe Resistance just isnt all that popular compared to some other Sony franchises. Every title released has sold less than the previous one, Im guessing the majority of Ps3 owners arent interested in a shooter that isnt Call of Duty, which is kind of sad
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tmoss726  +   1606d ago
Yeah and the PS3 doesn't have any major shooter exclusives aside from KZ.
Anderson8  +   1606d ago
a mixture of both i'd say.. i'd pick it up now myself but i have skyrim, dark souls arkham city and a few others to grab so its low on my priority list.. i;ll grab it in a few months
DaTruth  +   1606d ago
CrackHeadGamer   1606d ago | Spam
darfreeze  +   1606d ago
You seriously want to freaking axe KB? He's the greatest thing to ever happen to PS3. Hell I even download Kevin Butler Ads on PSN.
Cardenjs  +   1605d ago
He wants to ax KB BECAUSE its good for ps3.
N4Gsukballs  +   1606d ago
I Just have to say this. this message may contain slight battle spoilers but no plot points. here goes, R3 Is the best resistance by far, has great atmosphere, an awsome slew of weapons that level up and change as you use them, and sweet multiplayer that im an epic beast at but does take from Cod and halo. But its also The Biggest Half life 2 Rip off i have ever played. there are so many likeness's that it cannot be coincidence.
1. your fighting toward a tower in NYC Thats a wormhole.
2. The point pleasent level is just like Ravenholm.
3. You Fight a Dropship On a collapsing bridge
4. You end up in a "white Barred" Prison
5. You Fight a Huge monster in a cavern! (this ones the worst).
i could name more but its been 08 since i played HF Last. please tell me somone else realized this!?
the games amazing i love it but man.
#13 (Edited 1606d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
RandomDude655  +   1606d ago
Yeah, the ravenholm one and the cavern like HL2E2 was the greatest "deja vu".

But...if there's one thing other games should be inspired by is HL2. More games should take "inspiration" from that game. I still think that it's not a straight up copy though, and stands on it's own legs as a really good game.
Nitrowolf2  +   1606d ago
TBH I liked Resistance 3 ending and could see why Insomniac went with it. It's just has to do with the **SPOILER MAYBE*** whole Idea of trying to be as normal as they can with their Son. I mean it's what they keep saying in the beginning and then throughout the story Joe is thinking about his family.****END***********

BTW I see how they are the same, but i feel like the games are still completely different the way they executed is how they are different.
#13.2 (Edited 1606d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
RandomDude655  +   1606d ago
I think they could have presented it better. Maybe during his radio broadcast or other moments similar,they could have flashbacked to the little things with his family. Maybe throwing a baseball or another similar "little thing"
refocusedman  +   1606d ago
I honestly dont know why R3 hasnt sold well ( although im not sure abt that since i havent seen the numbers yet). Although its not the greatest game ever, the fact of the matter is that its a quality game. Last time I checked, homefront received pretty low scores (from user and reviewer) and still sold well on the ps3. Its a shame that ps3 continues to make quality games that dont sell as well as their counterparts that are more times than not inferior in quality.
#14 (Edited 1606d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TUGA  +   1606d ago
I didnt got it because of the multiplayer beta. Just another generic shooter CoD ripoff. Insomniac lost their indentity trying to get CoD gamers to buy their game. The singleplayer portion might be great but im not spending € 70 for a 8-10 hours campaign.
FunAndGun  +   1606d ago

Same exact feeling here. EXACTLY!
RedHotChiliPepaSpray  +   1605d ago
it throws in 3 killstreaks (a shield, anothe gun andpower soldier) and some abilities to improve and variate the game and it becomes like cod?

the game is nothing like cod. the guns, the amount of bullets to kill, the balancing, etc

uncharted put in perks/abilities but thats nothing like cod.
Theyellowflash30  +   1606d ago
Yeah Kevin Butler latest R3 commercial was lame. But I don't think thats all this fault. There are other people who write the script, plan, and direct the commercial. I also kinda agree that Kevin Butler appeals to fanboys and super PS3 fans. Most casual fans of games I know dont know or give a crap about Butler and his commercials.

- I think he's really funny at times though.
ISNeko  +   1606d ago
I'm a big fan of the first Resistance, and I still think that it's the best. The campaign for R2 was better than R3 in my opinion. I do hope it sells well though. I want it to succeed.
Tru_Blu  +   1606d ago
I thought 2 was better then 3 also. And the co op missions in 2 were a hell of a lot better, don't know why they scraped that.
mastiffchild  +   1606d ago
Because, they said, it didn't fit(there being ENOUGH humans FOR squads in a World where we've been almost wiped out)the series any more. Was gutted myself as that co-op had so many more possibilities than any other I've ever played, seriously great potential.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1606d ago
Actually I think people just lost interest in it or at least I did. I really like R1 but R2 killed it for me. I always use my ps3 and this game will be the only exclusive I dont care about. And its not KB's fault. Any issues should be directed at the script and director of the commercial. I heard its a good game I just dont have any interest in it.
Have to buy Uncharted 3, Dark Souls, Rage, Fifa, NBA2k12, on
#17 (Edited 1606d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Magnus  +   1606d ago
Resistance 3 is not a bad title the downfall is the online pass to play multiplayer online its not Killzone 3 but still a great title worth checking out.
cyclonus007  +   1606d ago
So people aren't buying the game because of an online pass that they have to activate which is included in the case when they buy the game?

I refuse to believe that.
Casepbx  +   1606d ago
Tons of people playing online. Could have fooled me.
memots  +   1606d ago
Yup.. This is again some attempt at getting some hits. Seriously this game has been out for what a week and a half?? There is no sales number released yet but it seem like this guy and some peoples here knows how many unit got sold in every single store in the world.

More fud directed once more at ps3 to get some hits.
#19.1 (Edited 1606d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
smashcrashbash  +   1606d ago
Yeah haven't had any problem finding anyone online to play with. Sales can't be that bad.
J86blum  +   1606d ago
Resistance 3 is amazing, and its long for a FPS, the story is great the levels are all diffrent and awesome, and the team or NPC ai acts diffrent in every city, but.. like others said and I do agree with Resistance 2 probbly turned alot of people away from the series which is sad but not surprising.
Reborn  +   1606d ago
Well, have sales figures been released yet?

If not, then.....?
Jonah_Reese  +   1606d ago
This is just an article taking shots at the Kevin Butler gimmick, this is probably why you should stay in School and study writing heavy if you want claim to be a journalist. There are enough clowns in the comment section.
clearelite  +   1606d ago
It's not KB, the marketing for this game hasn't been strong. It will sell pretty well by word of mouth though for quite a while. KB didn't make the commercial, he merely stars in it.

Promo material for this game is lacking nearly everywhere, but I did manage to see one or two adds for it on the web.

It took the guy at walmart and I five minutes to find a copy or R3 today because it was up in the corner where nobody could see it with no promo material in sight.
StarWolf  +   1606d ago
r2 turned me off. I preordered Gears3 instead. I played the R3 beta and I enjoyed it but I think ill enjoy Gears more.

KB should stick to selling PS3s, hes good at that. Games.. no. He looks like a clown with that plastic Move toy attachment. Makes the product look geeky and it makes it look like its a requirement to play the game.
xVeZx  +   1606d ago
SONY MARKETING SUCKS....have you seen the commercial for resistance 3? its so bad....and kevin butler is great hes hilarious i dont care what anybody says
dcortz2027  +   1606d ago
True, I like Sony, but their advertising blows. The only ads/commercials I saw for Resistance 3 were on the internet. It sucks because Resistance 3 is such a good game that deserves to sell millions of copies. Oh well, sales still don't make a game good/bad, and I'm still enjoying Resistance 3. I hope it sells well.
archemides518  +   1606d ago
the problem here is that RESISTANCE IS JUST A BAD IDEA. nobody ever thought that a ww2 shooter with aliens was a cool concept, and it still isn't. it's impressive what they tried to do with R3 and focusing on the nuances of the world, but the bottom line is that they have to do that to cover up a DUMB FOUNDATION. even if they did the exact same concept (alien virus storyline) except set it in present day it would have been a million times better. the fact that it is in the past adds NOTHING.
#26 (Edited 1606d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Jonah_Reese  +   1606d ago
Nobody? I'm pretty sure a few people like the idea and concept. Unless you're counting yourself in that elusive group of nobody. Just a thought.
Swiggins  +   1606d ago
Played the Game, liked the SP, liked the Multi, plenty of people playing it, I fail to see how Resistance 3 has failed in any way -__-

Jesus, you don't have to pull in CoD numbers in order to be successful, when did people obtain such a slanted view.
MysticStrummer  +   1606d ago
When sales became equivalent to quality. They haven't of course, and never will, but that seems to be the attitude now.
FunAndGun  +   1606d ago
"you don't have to pull in CoD numbers in order to be successful, when did people obtain such a slanted view."

When the developers build their game around the nooby perk, killstreak, CoD formula to create better sales.
iliimaster  +   1606d ago
marketing could of been better like an intense commerical but just one ive seen so far which was funny the team death match was so addicting online in MP but since the BS major update killed that game type for me and my weekend i was torn knowing gears 3 is coming out and how much fun i was having in MP but with this new update pretty much killing the only game type i liked and the chapters in campaign are short but i like the game i bought it for the campaign but was surprised how fun i had playing online untill saturday
emk2004  +   1606d ago
sad resistance 2 week 1 sales were 409,270
r3 fws 274,051

probably part mw3/bf3 hype and part r2 sucked, to bad r3 was a much better game than its prequel.

HappyWithOneBubble  +   1606d ago
VGcharts isn't a reliable source though. They make up numbers.

Anyway I bought the game and I'm enjoying it. That's all that matters to me.
Death  +   1606d ago
You can probably delete the VGC bookmark in your browser. They don't have the resources to repost manufacturers numbers so I doubt they can track worldwide sales weekly. If you want to test the theory, grab a couple of your friends and start making some calls to retailers and see how much info they share.

Why o why  +   1606d ago
Vg chartz is the basis for this whole article. Theres a lot of judgement going on in here based on guesswork. Great game but ive traded mine in for gears as im not that into online fps's

Great single player on hard...slightly weak ending imo but te journey there was solid fun
Dlacy13g  +   1606d ago
The biggest issue I saw with the Kevin Butler ad is that it doesn't sell Resistance 3 really. It sells the sharp shooter add-on and mentions the Chimera but it never actually says go buy Resistance 3. Sony again, guilty of poorly supporting an exclusive that really deserved more support.

One has to wonder if some of this "lack" of support is fall out from Insomniac going multiplat.
qwertyz  +   1606d ago
that's not the reason for poor sales.

the reason is that the ps3 fanboys make up only a very TINY percentage of the ps3s userbase because I believe that if ps3 fanboys brag about exclusives they must really be buying them or maybe they just do that because its a ps3 strong point because when ps3 was in its early years and there where 360 had more exclusives than ps3, ps3 fanboys said exclusives didn't matter.

The truth is that most gamers don't care much about exclusives(except a few) and mainly buy multiplatform games this is why MS is able to get away with only few exclusives and nintendo has been able to get away with milking the same OLD IPs for 25 years now.

I do believe MS has better marketing than sony its pretty obvious really.

Look at gears 3(which is an amazing game according to reviews and the visuals are also one of the best on consoles) over 2 million per-orders worldwide and R3 was only able to sell 280k a week after release LOL gears 3 could possibly sell over 3.5 million or even more units on its first day considering its the most per-ordered 360 exclusive in xbox history
#30.1 (Edited 1606d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
cyclonus007  +   1606d ago
1. Isn't it possible that there are so many exclusives of so many different genres on PS3 that no one buys them all? I've bought 3 exclusives this year so far with my eye on getting 3 more when they come out. But not every Sony franchise makes interests me (R3 included). For example, I wouldn't buy Gears or Halo even if they were on PS3: I've never been a big fan of the "alien shoot-em up" games. And because of that I don't own a 360 seeing how those are the only games Microsoft seems to really care about.

2. Gamers DO care about exclusives. As you said, Nintendo has been using the same IPs for 25 years: IPs you can't play anywhere else than on a Nintendo system.

3. As for marketing, we all know Microsoft spends more than Sony but who knows how effective an ad really is? I have never seen a single ad for New Super Mario Bros and it didn't stop that game from selling more than Gears 1&2...combined.

Just look at Gears: the first one sold about 6 million copies total. The second one also sold about 6 million. I would say the third will do about the same, regardless of the millions Microsoft pours into its ad campaign. But it will be forgotten like everything else when Call of Duty comes out.
#30.1.1 (Edited 1606d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
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