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Disaster Ubisoft with a Vengeance: Give Assassin's Creed Amazing Reviews or Die Hard

From an email Surfer Girl received

Here's how Ubisoft deals with criticism:

A certain British gaming website had praised Assassin's Creed since it was announced. They'd run previews, interviews, did a lot to hype the game. When they played the final built, they finally realized it wasn't that great, so it got a 7/10. But instead of acknowledging AC's mistakes, Ubisoft got furious, pulled all ads from the site and cancelled all placed orders (mid five figures) indefinitely. A planned live interview with Jade Raymond isn't going to happen either. According to Ubisoft everything would have been fine though, if the site had just put an 8 instead of a 7 under the same text. (Assassin's Creed, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
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Multigamer  +   2812d ago
thats funny as hell
predator  +   2812d ago
that is funny
Neurotoxin  +   2812d ago
Lol, Played the game finally on the ps3, it is worthy of a 7 - 8. Frame rate so far has been ok, But the screen tearing is F-ING Discussing. It really is a let down as the beautiful enviroments and graphics are distracted from because of it.

I just cannot believe they actually approved that to be ok at Ubisoft, seems to me it could have used another couple of months extra Development and optimisation..... But obviously money fuel companys, rather than customer satisfaction.

I`m only referring to the PS3, i presume the xbox360 to have none of these problems.
jackfatal  +   2811d ago
what i heard from some sites that 360 version is even worst!!
ok not much worst but still!!
Neurotoxin  +   2811d ago
From what i`ve seen the 360 has no screen tearing.

Which Pi**es me off even more.
tucky  +   2811d ago
You are perfectly right, this game is full of page tearing and it's really annoying. I've the 360 version and, in opposition to other posts, I confirm that there also MANY page tearing in this version (don't understand how some people missed to see it). For the last few months we had good animated games like Bioshock, halo 3, Orange box, call of duty 4, etc ... and, again, the awful page tearing effect goes back. Sniff, I was expecting so much from that game ...
predator  +   2812d ago
ubi aint happy are they, lol
Mainman  +   2811d ago
It is there own damn fault, they should've just delayed the title to work out the glitches.

But Ubisoft isn't that kind of company. Like EA, quantity before quality.
predator  +   2811d ago
dude u dont have to tell me that, what goes around comes around, glitchy product out crappy reviews in,

still gettin it as i think it will be great
Saint Sony  +   2812d ago
Hopefully this is not true.
I am starting to hate this tub girl.

If it is true UBI... damn lame thing to do.
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predator  +   2812d ago
just a bit, seems extreme lenghts tho
thereapersson  +   2812d ago
Cry me a river. The game is damn good, but all these idiots complaining about reviews nowadays need to go live in a cave for a while and reflect on their livelihoods...
dale1  +   2812d ago
360 has problems as well on this game
SimmoUK  +   2811d ago
I bet...
This kind of crap happens alot, that's why the media are so biased on certain things, they have to think about business and not honesty it's all a load of BS...
allforcalisto  +   2811d ago
you've gotta feel a little sympathy for ubisoft...working 4 years and devoting millions on a game thats not getting the praise you want.

...man i want ffxiii
Lumbo  +   2811d ago
Is that news to anyone? Publishers bribing "reviewers" with add bookings is nothing new to the business ... Same goes for publishers "punishing" media outlets who do not report favorably ...
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gw4k  +   2811d ago
Tell them how it is!

The game is awesome and the review has been playing the previews for months....of course by now they are tired of it.

A HiFi  +   2811d ago
That would be Eurogamer then?
KidMakeshift  +   2811d ago
They forgot to mention
Ubisoft saying "screw you guys, I'm going home"
tientch1  +   2811d ago
The media is killing the gaming industry
mithril  +   2811d ago
Imagine a web site that is afraid to loose publicity and over rating the game?

I think this kind of reaction from Ubisoft is unhealthy for industry, and I believe this kind of manipulation to get better ratings exists on many web site.

this is why i don't trust review ;)
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gunnerforlife  +   2811d ago
ill get this game but it dosent seem to warrant a £45 tag on its head mite wait till it gets down to £30
The Only Truth  +   2811d ago
*sniff* *sniff*

I'm smelling a looser !

So, Ubisoft is such a fraudulent company and takes away everything from them, cause this specific site was honest (in their review) and disappointed after all the hype they have done ?

WOW, Ubisoft, just....WOW !
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bada1bing  +   2811d ago
This story is complete bollocks!

Check the CEO of Eurogamers response

Hello all,

Ubisoft are still advertising with us - there are AC ads on EGTV and in the PS3 channel as others have pointed out, and ads haven't been pulled for other upcoming games. Actually, to their credit, whilst every publisher clearly would like the best possible score for each of their games, we don't get much pressure from them these days as they know that our advertising guys and our editorial guys are separate and we wouldn't be so silly as to change a review score based on commercial pressure.

Games come and go and each publisher will get some high scores and some low scores over the years on EG, so any disagreement over a review score is fairly short lived as everyone moves on to the next big thing.

This is the first I've heard of the Jade chat not happening though :( We do have one with Naughty Dog this afternoon though!


jlytle1234  +   2811d ago
you need to post that link to dispell this rumor.
Strife Lives  +   2811d ago
Hahahaha. Guess the fine workers at ubi montreal aint getting any christmas bonuses lmao.
bada1bing  +   2811d ago
EG response

Its about half way down on page 3
jlytle1234  +   2811d ago
good find. can you post the story on n4g?
moolox  +   2811d ago
If all these reviewers are such expert at developing games and writing stories why are they not working for ubisoft correcting these issues. Some reviewer games based on the beta if there copy does not arrive, all for the quality of games been accountable but not lazy reviewing.

The gaming media is becoming like the gutter press. Peoples jobs are at stake.
Rhezin  +   2811d ago
It's really amazing how this career is based on dipsh!t reviewers reviews

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