Review: Dead Island - Megabits

Megabits of Gaming writes: "To break it down, Dead Island plays like a cross between Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 – on steroids... and filled with zombies. Taking place on the leisure resort island, the game's long (if weak) plot leads you into sewers, cliff-tops, cities, beach bars and more, all filled with the crazed party-goers – most of which, beneath the blood, are still in bikinis. It's a strange situation."

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gw4k2404d ago

Another review. Are you guys just getting around to renting this game?

Ser2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

What does that even mean? Is there some unspoken rule which suggests that all reviews be submitted within a week of a game's release? Please, guy.

gw4k2404d ago

If you want to participate with the big boys, then yes, yes you do!

Ser2404d ago

The sites that receive money under the table for review scores? Those "big boys?" Yeah, I'll stick to these kiddie reviews then.

J86blum2404d ago

In no way does it play like Left for Dead or Dead Rising, I own the title and tired of hearing that, the best way to describe it is FarCry 2 with zombies. as it has the weapon system, the motor get around system, the weapon break down system. yes it does have a weapon customization but unlike dead rising you don't need cards for idea upgrading, it follows fallout more on that level as well. with multiple same weapons with special names with special perks.

Dead Rising weapon upgrading is a pitchfork with a shotgun or a ore with chainsaws..basically nonsense goof weapons, the upgrading is simply adding weight to blunt objects for more force, or adding elemental abilites, the weapons are not as outlandish but close.