Reason why Star Wars: The Old Republic will be Revolutionary for MMOs writes: "At the end of the day, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be innovative in that it was a fully voiced MMO which had a core emphasis on story rather that other content like PvP and Raiding."

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coolbeans2378d ago

Short, yet sweet opinion piece. Puts the emphasis on how revolutionary SWTOR can be when looking at the bigger picture.

gw4k2378d ago

Not that sweet of an opinion butt kissing muffin!

But, I am interested in this game none the less.

coolbeans2378d ago

"butt kissing muffin" ?

...Well, okay :P. Just honestly thought it well on the points against the detractors just calling it a WoW clone.

gw4k2378d ago

Nothing wrong with muffins folks. They can be quite good!

GameZenith2378d ago

Thanks for the compliment.

I understand that SWTOR is not going to be the Jesus of the MMO genre, but to say that SWTOR has no innovation, it is over-hyped, and it is just WoW in a Star Wars skin is a serious diservice to what SWTOR brings to the table.

In terms of mechanics, yeah, SWTOR does not innovate and it IS a WoW in SW skin. However in terms of the broader perspective, the emphasis of story + fully voice overs = MMO innovation in terms of how people approach, play, and even develop MMOs going forward.

NuclearDuke2378d ago

I agree that it's about damn time a fully voiced MMO reaches the world - Hopefully each and every voice actor is doing an incredible job.

Spinal2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Originally i thought you were just butt kissing but this comment i agree with completely. Cause when i see swtor gameplay its very un inspring especially the hutball pvp vids. But the story voice actin driven quests are a very good thing an making choices is great for an mmorg.

I will be buyin swtor an the new wow xpac. Tho Guild Wars 2 is the next gen mmo im truly waitin for.

Huma2378d ago

So essentially, it's a better version of WoW.

ECM0NEY2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

A WoW with story and the force!

I still have it pre ordered, but i have a feeling that ill be back on DCUO till the Vampire The Masquerade MMO comes out by CCP.

GameZenith2378d ago

Just like KOTOR was a better version of Neverwinter Nights and look how much of an impact KOTOR had on the RPG genre....especially the WRPG genre.