This is why Hideo Kojima wants to make ZOE3

Hideo Kojima said during yesterday's ZOE and Anubis Tokyo Game Show stage that he was so impressed by the crowd that had gathered for the stage that he'd head back to the office to discuss a sequel with his staff.

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Jappy-k72440d ago

"How many of those people were there for the voice actors, who performed live skits as their characters, and how many were there for the game itself is the question, of course"

oh shut up what an idiot...they were there just to see the legend himself...HIDEO KOJIMA!!!

btw this years tgs sucked, i mean no FFvXIII, RE6, The Last Guardian...etc and nothing new from kojima, kamiya or mikami, maaan my hopes were soo high -_-

Canary2439d ago

Really? That's what it took to convince him?

More proof that 100 people IRL trump 10,000 people on the Intertubes.


wow is that what it took for him to figure out that we would like to see a sequel.

Oldman1002439d ago

This site never works for me for some reason. I keep getting an error page saying the url is incorrect.

just_looken2439d ago

same here using foxie 6.0

Ocean2439d ago

Yes please Mr Kojima......i will look forward to getting ZOE HD collection after xmas

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