Do we want amazing Minecraft graphics?

If you are reading this then you have probably heard of Minecraft and know of it's famous blocky graphics, but, if given the option, would you want a Minecraft which features next-gen, absolutely amazing graphics? Here we voice our opinions!


The new video I found on showcasing a high-definition minecraft has been added! Check it out! :D

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NukaCola1713d ago

Sure Minecraft 2 maybe. Or a textured mode, and a high rez skin mode.

gw4k1712d ago

No! I hate being amazed!

grailly1712d ago

I dunno, minecraft is all about being square, my guess is: the better the graphics, the weirder it'll look. I like the pixel-art anyway.

for an eventual minecraft 2 I'de like quests, an economy system with the NPC, and overall more interactivity with the world other than de mining/building. (unless notch is planning to add that to minecraft?)

dontbhatin1712d ago

i kinda want it to look alot better than it does.

just_looken1712d ago

same its the reason i never went for the full paid version to me it was like playing a 1990 video game. For today's avg pc they can do alot better.

Pandamobile1712d ago

The simple graphics are part of it's charm.

CommonSense1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Could just start incorporating minecraft type concepts in open word games like skyrim.

maybe next gen.

Heartnet1712d ago

what destroying square blocks out of the world and then placing them else where? dont want that in ma games im fraid

CommonSense1711d ago

complete lack of vision. perfect definition for this generation of people.

Heartnet1711d ago

lack of vision? That is what primarily Mincrafting is lol..

Oh that and combining blocks to make a different one... which cud be called crafting in any RPG (MMORPG)....

Other than that minecraft has nothing lol no quests nothing to do apart from destroy and move blocks from one place to another until you get bored..

CNXN1712d ago

Hmmm I would like something along those lines as maybe a optional patch or texture pack or something, It looks wuite stunning really... but you would lose minecrafts iconic look and characters

Spenok1712d ago

It would be interesting, but at the same time it would lose its simplicity. Maybe as someone said in an optional update, or maybe a different game mode kinda like 1.8 has a creative mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.