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Do we want amazing Minecraft graphics?

If you are reading this then you have probably heard of Minecraft and know of it's famous blocky graphics, but, if given the option, would you want a Minecraft which features next-gen, absolutely amazing graphics? Here we voice our opinions! (Casual games, Dev, Industry, Minecraft, Next-Gen, PC)

Update The new video I found on collegehumor.com showcasing a high-definition minecraft has been added! Check it out! :D

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NukaCola  +   1412d ago
Sure Minecraft 2 maybe. Or a textured mode, and a high rez skin mode.
gw4k  +   1412d ago
No! I hate being amazed!
grailly  +   1411d ago
I dunno, minecraft is all about being square, my guess is: the better the graphics, the weirder it'll look. I like the pixel-art anyway.

for an eventual minecraft 2 I'de like quests, an economy system with the NPC, and overall more interactivity with the world other than de mining/building. (unless notch is planning to add that to minecraft?)
dontbhatin  +   1411d ago
i kinda want it to look alot better than it does.
just_looken  +   1411d ago
same its the reason i never went for the full paid version to me it was like playing a 1990 video game. For today's avg pc they can do alot better.
Pandamobile  +   1411d ago
The simple graphics are part of it's charm.
CommonSense  +   1411d ago
Could just start incorporating minecraft type concepts in open word games like skyrim.

maybe next gen.
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Heartnet  +   1411d ago
what destroying square blocks out of the world and then placing them else where? dont want that in ma games im fraid
CommonSense  +   1410d ago
complete lack of vision. perfect definition for this generation of people.
Heartnet  +   1410d ago
lack of vision? That is what primarily Mincrafting is lol..

Oh that and combining blocks to make a different one... which cud be called crafting in any RPG (MMORPG)....

Other than that minecraft has nothing lol no quests nothing to do apart from destroy and move blocks from one place to another until you get bored..
CNXN  +   1411d ago
Hmmm I would like something along those lines as maybe a optional patch or texture pack or something, It looks wuite stunning really... but you would lose minecrafts iconic look and characters
Spenok  +   1411d ago
It would be interesting, but at the same time it would lose its simplicity. Maybe as someone said in an optional update, or maybe a different game mode kinda like 1.8 has a creative mode.
ShadowJetX  +   1411d ago
Yes, then I might be interested in mine craft, but even then.
Kran  +   1411d ago
Yes. But I want it to be optional :)

Sometimes pixel textures is all you need.
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Viper7  +   1411d ago
Well maybe after a shitload of code optimization, even with the current graphics Minecraft is rather heavy to run and I don't think dynamic shadows, or water reflections are going to help with that problem.

Thanks to the nature of the blocks being somewhat similar to pixels and basically only squares there's probably plenty of unknown tricks, algorithms etc that could make the world render a lot smoother even with advanced graphics.
hadriker  +   1411d ago
They would probably have to ditch java and use a real coding language.

But you are right about one thing, minecraft itself is not very well optimized
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emforce  +   1411d ago
Thats a pretty awesome texture pack! Cheers!
_LarZen_  +   1411d ago
A texture pack with insane gfx would be nice, always nice with options.
sonicsidewinder  +   1411d ago
I'd like maybe in the future they make a Minecraft 2.0 where the world is realistic in the sense it's not made out of cubes. (hear me out).

A world which takes the principles of Minecraft but gives them a realistic spin. Physics etc. Collecting sand, should act like sand. Needing to use wood to prop up mineshafts, or they collapse.

Of course, Original Minecraft should be kept.

It'll be like CS 1.6 and CS:Source.
Laxman216  +   1411d ago
Yeah people saying no to those graphics are just trying to be the cool kids wanting to look like that stand for something.

Using most of those commentors logic (or lack thereof), they are essentially saying if the game started out with great graphics, they would rally to make the developers downgrade them to the blocky state the game delivers now. Its idiotic. The game isnt fun because of how simple the graphics are. Minecraft actually thrives on the complexity of what you are able to do, so great graphics coupled with the highly technical gameplay would be absolutely unreal. Albeit, probably impossible for a few more years.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1411d ago
Graphics like that would take a beastly rig for sure. The way things are now are fine though. You can download texture packs to suit your fancy. You can go low res (8x8,16x16) for good performance or high res (128x128,256x256) for better graphics and less FPS. There are so many options out there, updating it to something else doesn't really make sense.
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theonlylolking  +   1411d ago
It needs to have better graphics than crysis but the devs are horrible at optimizing.
3GenGames  +   1411d ago
It won't ever have them mainly because Java is SLOW and it can't render the low-res textures efficiently on a normal PC. Maybe the 360 could because those porting people are actually writing it in C/C++ with REAL programming graphics libraries and such, but I doubt it, and don't want it anyway. It's fine how it is, it's the style of the game, and it's not needed. Graphics are over rated today, people need to calm down.

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