New Video Game Releases: 9/19 – 9/25 (Gears of War 3 Edition)

RipTen: Lancers are revving, brumacks are stomping and the Coletrain is ready to roll baby with the release of Gears 3!

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jaredhart2258d ago

Tuesday can't come soon enough!!

gw4k2258d ago

I have to admit, I want Tuesday to come as well!

S_C2258d ago

Gears Of War 3 And F1 2011 ........WHAT A WEEK :D

DarkMellie2258d ago

My local retailer knows me well (far better than my salary would like) and they got an extra Epic edition the other day... and kept it for me.


Batmau52258d ago

Oh hell yeah Supremacy MMA. Not a game on that list that will top this! (not srs)

Valay2258d ago

Gears of War 3 should be pretty big...

Jpinter2258d ago

First two were great. Better than the Unreal Tournament game for me. Looking forward to Gears of War 3.


i love it... i loooove it!!

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