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10 Bad Habits That People Have Developed Playing Games Online

GB - "Online gaming is the big advance that our current generation will be remembered for. It's a practice that has been alive and well in the PC community for years, but the past few years have been the first time that console gamers have really gotten involved. Though this has opened up an avenue of gaming to a much wider audience, it also means said audience have begun to be affected by these new opportunities; and not always in a good way. Below are ten of the bad habits online gamers exhibit that really grind your gears. This list is in no particular order." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Godmars290  +   1387d ago
I'd list an inability to accept criticism about a game they like. To automatically label someone who might be raising a legitimate point a hater. Defending "their" game no matter what.
JellyJelly  +   1386d ago
That's nothing I've come across while playing games online. Wouldn't make much sense to criticize a game while playing it yourself.
Baka-akaB  +   1386d ago
really ? i've seen plenty come into a mmo , moaning about how it's not as good as WoW .

Ironically it's often guys that just left WoW , fed up with the game or some so called game breaking new rebalance .

Doesnt make sense to me , but it's something quite spread
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JellyJelly  +   1386d ago
@Baka-akaB - That's probably true, although I'd like to add that I don't consider MMO's to be games. They're more of a drug and people who are bashing the same game that they repeatedly come back to are most likely just projecting their addiction/failure in life through the MMO.
Brawler  +   1386d ago
@Baka-akaB - Yes and no people leave WoW and try another game hoping that its better so they can get hooked there. WoW is still a great game (I still play it till this day) but that doesn't stop me for wanting something that plays better,looks better then it, sadly that day hasn't come yet. I wasn't to impressed with the star wars alpha so hopefully the beta fixed things for me.
Ravens20  +   1386d ago
I don't understand how there are some people who didn't like Dead Rising 2! Best times ever in co-op IMO.
gw4k  +   1386d ago
I know from speaking with many of the N4G members that they can no longer sustain sexual functions. Very sad!

Thank good I'm ok! Hehehe
bayport  +   1386d ago
T-Bagging is so much fun though!
Farsendor1  +   1386d ago
i wont shove my game in someones face but ill try to point them in the right direction by showing fan trailers and normal developer trailers.

and its a habit its hard to stop
Wintersun616  +   1386d ago
10 reasons why I love games that have the focus on single player.
Hazmat13  +   1386d ago
ya bro. i find singleplayer way more fun than multiplayer i'll be playin SP on both MW3 and BF3 nothing WW3 to start you day off.
just_looken  +   1386d ago
100% agree the vids in this article are some of the reasons why i sold my xbox and quit xbl granted psn is becoming the same cesspool of people. Friday i fired up rdr to try the new dlc i quit after 5min of mp from the first sec i started fee roam till i quit i was getting killed and tbaged by loud mouth kids with casual aim hpp's and explosive rifles. I just let my character stand there and let them "pown me" lol.
silvacrest  +   1386d ago
i would say thinking the anonymity of the internet giving you the right to release your inner racist

ironically i have never experienced it in the various MMO's i once played but its common in most online FPS
Moebius69  +   1386d ago
I don't know about anybody else but one thing that i came across that annoyed me.When playing Killzone 2 alot of people decided to play assault class and you just end up with everyone spamming the area with rpgs
Blaine  +   1386d ago
In my opinion, Guerilla overdeveloped their multiplayer. They had great mechanics and fun modes, but they just had to throw heaps and heaps of classes at you. KZ2 was a lot of fun when the highest class in the match was the Tactician. I just felt that every class over that just made the experience more and more annoying.
Moebius69  +   1386d ago
Yeah completely agree the assault and scout classes are overpowered
caseh  +   1386d ago
Scout class is just ridiculous, allowing someone to use invisibility in an online environment is just asking for trouble.
malol  +   1386d ago
i crack my knuckles ALOT when i play online
no matter what type of game it was i just do it with out realizing
don't know why
now my bones hurt and im trying to stop so i hate it
silvacrest  +   1386d ago
doctors have proven that cracking your knuckles does not cause any damage or arthritis
jocomat9  +   1386d ago
i believe doing to much of it isn't good for you.
thats what hes saying.
SageHonor  +   1386d ago
Half of these reasons are stupid.

How about

1) Screaming and cursing through the mic? When i play by myself i always mute everyone else. Unless you're with friends then there is no reason to communicate with a bunch of random people. 95% of the time people wont pay any attention to you if you try to bark out orders and whatnot.

2) Glitching?

3) Sending me invites when im playing a different game. Or sending me TOO MANY DAMN INVITES when i already said im coming

RickHiggity  +   1386d ago
Or worse. Spamming invites when it's clear I don't want to join.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1386d ago
When someone spams i delete him simple as that.
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SageHonor  +   1386d ago
Haha so do I. ITs weird cause only my subscribers from youtube do that. Never my actual friends or people i already am familiar with.
soundslike  +   1386d ago

now if you just read that and thought "yea man f**k campers!"

Newsflash: you're the scrub.

Its never the scrubs fault they died/lost. Its camping, or somethings overpowered, or 'spam', or 'lag-switching', etc. The more reasons you think of, the less logical it becomes until its just pure nonsense.

The amount of scrubs increase by the day because now all the scrubs can reinforce each others delusion that they "don't suck" , they just happen to be victims of a conspiracy against game balance favoring their failed tactics
Blaine  +   1386d ago
"The amount of scrubs increase by the day because now all the scrubs can reinforce each others delusion that they "don't suck" , they just happen to be victims of a conspiracy against game balance favoring their failed tactics"

Worst part of that is when they go to the dev's forums, with all their numbers, and actually make a big enough impression for the dev to patch the game that was actually well balanced. Then the game's broken and the scrubs are still scrubs, they complain more, and the game gets stuck in a patch-loop while all the good players just wish it would go back to the original version. True story.
RickHiggity  +   1386d ago
If memory serves me right, this happened to gears 1. I swear I remember that game playing really well. then suddenly, shotguns. everywhere
Pikajew  +   1386d ago
I only leave matches when I get bored
RickHiggity  +   1386d ago
same here. I know some people have a problem with it. But if I'm not enjoying myself, I don't have to stick around. lol
jeeves86  +   1386d ago
There's a difference between quitting because you're bored and quitting because you're getting your ass kicked.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1386d ago
well there´s alot of variations within on the 'getting you a$$ kicked' thingy like spawn killers and campers for example.
mastiffchild  +   1386d ago
Except it's TEENY difference. Getting your ass kicked is pretty boring for most people!! If it weren't the case I'd have more people still playing Warhawk with me rather than a World full of COD players. Most people hate that learning curve where they get their arse handed to them for the first little while, say the game's boring or broken and quit.

Naturally, just putting a game down for the evening cos you've had enough is a different thing but, seriously, whether temporary or permanent so many gamers find losing boring these days that the number of win babies is painful. My nine year old boy can't ever finish an online game of fifa without the Barca playing oppo quitting out when they go two goals down!!
jeeves86  +   1386d ago
IDK if I'd call that boring, or just rage-quitting. But yeah, too many gamers are coddled like that. On some of these games, isn't there a penalty if you leave before the match is finished?
RickHiggity  +   1386d ago
Really the only one I disagree with is not wearing a headset. Very few of us want to 12 year olds or frat boys (who have the exact same level of maturity oddly enough). Plus on 360, wired mics are fragile as hell, and the wireless ones just stop charging after a couple of years of use.
MrChow666  +   1386d ago
lol yeah I'va had 3 xbox mics and all them cables were biten by my cats
jeeves86  +   1386d ago
I have to disagree with a few of these, but the author hit the nail right on the head about lone-wolfing. Lone wolves typically turn into rage quitters when they get knocked down and the rest of us are halfway across the map and can't help them. But like some other posters already mentioned, I really don't want to chat with people who would sooner call me a fag or harass me.
Ghost107  +   1386d ago
I've been playing Resistance 3 online and it's one of the worst communities I've come across, they curse everytime I kill them, moan about all the weapons. This game is a unbalanced cluster f*** online, people running about cloaked with electricty guns...lol and people bitch about COD. This is much worse. But it's still enjoyable in a mad cluster f*** kinda way.

But yeah, people online make me pretty damn sick, bunch of pussies who cry about everything, which is why I only play in short bursts.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1386d ago
You dont need to pay attention you know.
Klaykid123  +   1386d ago
All of these are from XBOX games/the XBOX 360.

That's why they're bad.

Someone had to say it. I'm sorry.
Kurt Russell  +   1386d ago
SITH  +   1386d ago
Yep... I totally agree. You are sorry.
MrChow666  +   1386d ago
you are a tool

someone had to say it, not sorry
SITH  +   1386d ago
Of all the things on this list, I agree with the betrayal issue the most. I have been betrayed for everything from jets, to swords and for what? The most pointless is when someone kills you for those items and crash or hand them over to the enemy because they truly suck with them.
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ProperFunked  +   1386d ago
then again everyone sucks at flying those things in the beginning. you never just start playing a game and all the sudden know every damn thing there is about it and how to go about using whatever it is properly.

my younger brother got crazy good at flying those things, he'd even change the camera angle to fly-by mode and fly that way cuz it helped him find his targets quicker. all i know is ill be noobing the jets till i get better at them.
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SITH  +   1386d ago
If you think about it, noobs flying the aircraft will always happen. Everybody who plays games don't buy them at the same time. I have seen low ranked players in bad company 2, halo reach, and mw2 10 months to a year after the game released. That doesn't justify the retard attempt to betray someone just to operate a vehicle so you can gain experience. Private rooms exists online for a reason. You can noob the jets all day, buy don't put a rocket in someone because you didn't get you 10 second moment to rotate, fly, and crash.
ProperFunked  +   1384d ago
agreed, of course. i remember the Spec Ops guys C4ing the jets on the aircraft carrier, as funny as it was to watch them take off and suddenly blow up, yeah it does suck. i think we're all guilty of doing it once or twice, admit it. =]. but yeah i hear you
Lord_Sloth  +   1386d ago
I prefer co-op games and enforce my right to mute dumbassess I meet.
ProperFunked  +   1386d ago
enforce that right!!! =D

i usually mute everyone cuz for some reason they're inconsiderate enough mute they're damn mics when they arent using them, so i hear every fucking thing on the other end....

edit: actually the worst is when you play a game and there is no mute feature.....(yes there are still games like that)
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Lord_Sloth  +   1386d ago
Indeed. I actually rather enjoy having to hold the up button to talk since I'm never by myself when playing a game and tend to talk to the other people in the room.
Tokyo_reject  +   1386d ago
i've stopped...but thats because i've stopped playing Wow haha, but i would find myself when i was online me putting my fingers on the WAS and D trying to scroll the page up and down =P or just resting my fingers there haha
specialguest  +   1386d ago
Lone-wolfing doesn't work on the BF games(not sure about BF:BC). In the beginning, I used to lone-wolf it on BF2 only to find myself missing most of the action, and getting killed by teamwork from the opposing team.
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net123456  +   1386d ago
Lone wolfing aka Sniper in the Hills snipping and calling airstrikes works if you are good. I saw it working (Have 50 points with recon so no personal experience)

But most Snipers fail miserably with this tactic.

But there is also the other kind of lone wolfing I have to use sometimes because my team hides and makes no pressure. I have to do everything myself then in best case scenario It works, most of the time I can just hope to keep as many enemies as possible busy so my team starts doing something. If the enemy is strong it doesnt work though.

Here what happened yesterday: Conquest Oasis My team 9 people other team 11. I had 7! Snipers in my team . 4 of them on the other side of the river 3 in 1! house. Doing nothing at all didnt move an inch most of the time. Me and 1 other guy were against 11 People conquering 3 flags. First I thought they might get bored sitting with other snipers in the same place hoping to get the kill this time but no. Only good thing was that the other team avoided certain places to not get sniped so we were able to predict the ways they would take better. Smart as they were they recognized that the snipers were no threat and that they could concentrate fully on us which they had to. They won in the end (barely though). Sure this was extreme and never happened to me before but it happens that your team is not used to teamwork and you have to seperate yourself and do your own thing so you wont be dragged down by your team.

Also ONE lone wulf Sniper can be a great support for the team if he knows what he is doing.
specialguest  +   1386d ago
I forgot about the sniper
You're right. A good lone-wolf sniper can be a great support. I normally play as a nonsniper when I used to lone-wolf it. That's probably why I wasn't really successful.
cpayne93  +   1386d ago
What about people playing rap music during an online game? As if all the kids cussing nonstop wasn't bad enough.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1386d ago
Ahh yes the online DJ. One of the most annoying of all..
ProperFunked  +   1386d ago

i didnt watch any of those videos cuz of the ads....

just sayin'

Treyb3yond  +   1386d ago
The Internet is no place for children.
Genki  +   1386d ago
This post was terrible.
Not much substance to each selection shows how much thought was put into this. Some were so silly that it's obvious that the author inflated the list up to ten.

Try again, and next time flesh out each issue to at least ATTEMPT to make them look as though they apply to more than one genre.
Shojin1  +   1386d ago
Habit 11: Not having a actual life and not having anyone to talk to = wanting everyone online to talk and fill that gap...

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