10 Bad Habits That People Have Developed Playing Games Online

GB - "Online gaming is the big advance that our current generation will be remembered for. It's a practice that has been alive and well in the PC community for years, but the past few years have been the first time that console gamers have really gotten involved. Though this has opened up an avenue of gaming to a much wider audience, it also means said audience have begun to be affected by these new opportunities; and not always in a good way. Below are ten of the bad habits online gamers exhibit that really grind your gears. This list is in no particular order."

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Godmars2902618d ago

I'd list an inability to accept criticism about a game they like. To automatically label someone who might be raising a legitimate point a hater. Defending "their" game no matter what.

JellyJelly2618d ago

That's nothing I've come across while playing games online. Wouldn't make much sense to criticize a game while playing it yourself.

Baka-akaB2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

really ? i've seen plenty come into a mmo , moaning about how it's not as good as WoW .

Ironically it's often guys that just left WoW , fed up with the game or some so called game breaking new rebalance .

Doesnt make sense to me , but it's something quite spread

JellyJelly2618d ago

@Baka-akaB - That's probably true, although I'd like to add that I don't consider MMO's to be games. They're more of a drug and people who are bashing the same game that they repeatedly come back to are most likely just projecting their addiction/failure in life through the MMO.

Brawler2617d ago

@Baka-akaB - Yes and no people leave WoW and try another game hoping that its better so they can get hooked there. WoW is still a great game (I still play it till this day) but that doesn't stop me for wanting something that plays better,looks better then it, sadly that day hasn't come yet. I wasn't to impressed with the star wars alpha so hopefully the beta fixed things for me.

Ravens202617d ago

I don't understand how there are some people who didn't like Dead Rising 2! Best times ever in co-op IMO.

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gw4k2618d ago

I know from speaking with many of the N4G members that they can no longer sustain sexual functions. Very sad!

Thank good I'm ok! Hehehe

bayport2617d ago

T-Bagging is so much fun though!

Farsendor12617d ago

i wont shove my game in someones face but ill try to point them in the right direction by showing fan trailers and normal developer trailers.

and its a habit its hard to stop

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Wintersun6162618d ago

10 reasons why I love games that have the focus on single player.

Hazmat132618d ago

ya bro. i find singleplayer way more fun than multiplayer i'll be playin SP on both MW3 and BF3 nothing WW3 to start you day off.

just_looken2617d ago

100% agree the vids in this article are some of the reasons why i sold my xbox and quit xbl granted psn is becoming the same cesspool of people. Friday i fired up rdr to try the new dlc i quit after 5min of mp from the first sec i started fee roam till i quit i was getting killed and tbaged by loud mouth kids with casual aim hpp's and explosive rifles. I just let my character stand there and let them "pown me" lol.

silvacrest2618d ago

i would say thinking the anonymity of the internet giving you the right to release your inner racist

ironically i have never experienced it in the various MMO's i once played but its common in most online FPS

Moebius692618d ago

I don't know about anybody else but one thing that i came across that annoyed me.When playing Killzone 2 alot of people decided to play assault class and you just end up with everyone spamming the area with rpgs

Blaine2618d ago

In my opinion, Guerilla overdeveloped their multiplayer. They had great mechanics and fun modes, but they just had to throw heaps and heaps of classes at you. KZ2 was a lot of fun when the highest class in the match was the Tactician. I just felt that every class over that just made the experience more and more annoying.

Moebius692618d ago

Yeah completely agree the assault and scout classes are overpowered

caseh2617d ago

Scout class is just ridiculous, allowing someone to use invisibility in an online environment is just asking for trouble.

malol2618d ago

i crack my knuckles ALOT when i play online
no matter what type of game it was i just do it with out realizing
don't know why
now my bones hurt and im trying to stop so i hate it

silvacrest2618d ago

doctors have proven that cracking your knuckles does not cause any damage or arthritis

jocomat92618d ago

i believe doing to much of it isn't good for you.
thats what hes saying.

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