PALGN: Dead Island Review

PALGN: Techland's Dead Island feels, in many ways, like a version of Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas with zombies. Or, more zombies, anyway. It's a first person open world survival horror game with RPG elements, with lots of looting, bashing heads in and talking to people as they stand still and the camera zooms in on their face. This may not be what people were expecting after the game's famous announcement trailer but it certainly sets the stage for a potentially deep and fun undead experience. But after many years in development, does Dead Island live up to this potential?

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gw4k2282d ago

This game irritates me!

JellyJelly2282d ago

Then why don't you avoid articles/reviews about it?

gw4k2282d ago

Cause I want to irritate you!
Mission Accomplished!

JellyJelly2282d ago

Lol! Well played, good sir.

DavidMacDougall2282d ago

I love this game but i aint played it in a week cause they aint patched it.

Ocean2282d ago

Been enjoying the can wait till they patch it.....Reached Act 2 yesterday