IGN: You Need These Secret Dead Island Uber Weapons

IGN: Hidden throughout Banoi are five colored skulls that unlock the secret to these unique weapons. Find out how to get them and where to place them.

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gw4k2375d ago

Hmmm, not this might actually get me to play this game. It has been seriously getting on my nerves!

SpitFireAce852374d ago

Ill pick it up when it gets to a $20 price point or i might
just rent it and play through it.

One-X2374d ago

This is an amazing game... well worth £40 in my eyes, okay well maybe at the moment with the co-op bugs and save bugs and the such, but the gameplay alone is amazing. Can't wait till they patch up the problems.
Then I'ma be going Skull hunting in Co-op

LtSkittles2374d ago

This game is awesome, aside from getting killed like 60+ times, and then other stuff :|

But it's awesome :D