Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Review (Gamespy)

An in depth and compelling review done by Bennett Ring of Gamespy for Red Orchestra 2.

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Bonerboy2644d ago

The great thing about this game is that Tripwire (if the 1st RO is any indication) WILL constantly iron out bugs and glitches. RO was seeing constant updates, fixes and tweaks years after release. Their constant diligence and devotion to their game and fan base is second to none in my opinion. So many game devs just dont and wont follow up with improvements like tripwire does as they are more interested in their next cash cow game. I have great faith that this game will become legendary amongst the hardcore WWII sim folks. Bravo for shooting high. Sure maybe they should have spent some more dev time with this puppy but it will eventually grow up into a huge ravenous beast for those who are patient. To hell with all the whining babies who demand perfection right away. Patches can take care of spawn campers and the like. Those who are too scared to move up in tanks and refuse to play as a team etc just prove that this game is too intense for them, and will, with any luck fade away only to be replaced with people who know how this game is meant to be played. They are the ones who will be missing out and its probably for the best as I for one, dont want to play this game with them in my squad anyway, so run along and play your CoD and BF3. The real hardcore will be on RO HoS. RO veterans know what hell to do and understand the beast in this title. Patience fellows, the patches will come.

DirtyLary2644d ago

Another patch just released fix issues.

Big_Mex2644d ago

Even though i have a ways to go skill wise in this game im really diggin it. Working together is vital.