Call of Duty Collectors Mask

MW2 gave you night visions goggles… Black Ops gave you a remote control car… What will be the big item in MW3 Hardened edition. Surely not just a tin can with a book? It has to be big and usable right? Well I think that there may be a hint in the images on the Call of Duty website of screen shots.

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topgun332472d ago

unfortunately, this year there will not be a prestige MW3 edition. They would have announced it by now. But they are focusing all their attention on the new Elite service. So they raised the price of the hardened edition to give anyone that purchases it free Elite for the whole year. I am disappointed though, because I wanted the next cool gadget they were going to include in this year's Call of Duty

Jordanemery2472d ago

Agreed. I wish they were putting something in this go around like that too.

BuT_TeR2472d ago ShowReplies(3)
StevenVlzqz32472d ago

Why not put a Ghost mask instead?

Swiggins2472d ago

That's a good idea.

But honestly, I could make my own with a Balacava a stencil and a can of spray paint, it would look pretty good too.

Hazmat132472d ago

look like a another crappy toy thing. if i could send out gifts it would be a picture of sun and in text it would read "this is your sun go out he's getting lonely". stupid sun i swear he's following me everytime i wake up he's there waiting for me. lol

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