Call of Duty Level 80. Choose Your Branch of Service

Well, we all know that there are only 20 ranks in the services excluding the Warrant Officer ranks in the Marine Corps. So why would there be 80 ranks in Call of Duty? Why is there not only 20 levels since there are only 20 levels in the real ranks? It is so annoying to see the same emblem even after you have ranked/leveled up 3 times.

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fluffydelusions2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

It's not like it's realistic anyway. I mean unless they put a mini game somewhere in the game where you go to university and get a degree to become an officer lol. And who wants to be in the chair force, how often do those guys see real combat unless you're a pilot

Jordanemery2224d ago

Try again buddy. I had to re-link it. My mistake.

iamnsuperman2224d ago

Like Fluffydelusions said the reason why real ranks do not work is the limited amount. Only a few ever make the higher ranks. To implement this is a game you end up being the same rank for a really long time making progression seem impossible. Choosing a service would be interesting but not a game changer. A lot would not know or really care what the different emblems look like.

Jordanemery2224d ago

True. Maybe they should just make the normal amount of levels for the rank but make it so that there are milestones to even be able to make certain ranks. For example, so many kinds of a certain medal have to be obtained before you can make a specific rank. So many multi-player wins have to be done to make another rank and so on. This give you a milestone to work for and eventually you get a new rank for working hard.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2224d ago

This is a stupid complaint. It's obviously 80 so that when you unlock shit, it's not 50 things at once and only a couple of things.

disturbing_flame2224d ago

Why this story have been accepted on N4G ?

Heartnet2223d ago

yeh jsut some guy whining that he actually has to play the game a lil more to get the emblem or w.e

saoco2224d ago

well let me correct the writer. the warrant officer rank is not exclusive to the marines, navy also has them and there are very few marines and sailors carrying that rank. Now if i had a choice i will pick the USN since as you can see by my pick... Im in the NAVY.

DtotheRoc2223d ago

pretty sure EVERY branch has its own WOs. was army and we have it also did naval rotc as well.

saoco2223d ago

i never said they didnt, i simply didnt mention other branches because i wasnt sure if they had them or not.

DEA Fresh2224d ago

That's a dumb idea because you play as other teams than just the US side in mp. And how dumb would it be to have marines running around with rangers and seals on the same team.

80 ranks is a little much and just shows IW lack of being able to come up w a unique and innovative leveling system. Instead they just make it s straight grind.

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