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2nd Negative Review for Super Mario Galaxy: 2 out of 5

Galaxy is essentially the exact same game we were playing 10 years ago on the N64, albeit with prettier graphics and dizzying space levels. This would not of been a bad thing if the entire experience wasn't completely brought down by the convoluted storyline, frustrating motion controls and annoying minigames that do nothing but detract from the experience.

+ Graphics are impressive for the Wii
+ Lots of fan service
- Motion controls
- Minigames aren't very fun
- Nauseating levels
- Awful storyline (Super Mario Galaxy, Wii)
Tipsed by: l4wl

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MK_Red  +   2931d ago
Meastro won' like this one...
Jack Bauer  +   2931d ago
is this a real review site? or is it 599USD SDF type of site?
kspraydad  +   2931d ago
Silly reviews
I'm NO Nin fan but this site seems to basically try and pick on Nintendo...though they claim to cover all consoles.

If you look for reviews they are 90% Nintendo games and have tags like 'rape' 'i creamed my pants' 'hate' 'failure' etc.

Certainly not professional reviewers.

DeckUKold  +   2931d ago
Did they
Just put the U R MR GAY letters in red i cannot believe them what kinda site is this
hotzizzy  +   2930d ago
How does the site try and pick on Nintendo? The highest score given to anything is a Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, which is praised and awarded 5/5:
Zack and Wiki is also praised, and even called "one of the best games on the Wii ever:"
The reviews being 90% Nintendo (which is a very inaccurate percentage, but it doesn't really matter) means they are fans of Nintendo games, or they wouldn't bother reviewing games for their systems. As for the categories, the ones you mentioned are just for fun and aren't supposed to be taken seriously - judging the review quality and bias from the categories a post is under is just incredibly stupid and ignorant. Actually read the reviews before you start accusing them of bias because of some simple categories that are meant to be humorous.
brianpk80  +   2930d ago
Good find 2.2
They did do that to the letters in the sUpeR MaRIo GalAxY logo. I had to check it twice to see what you were looking for. I never heard of this site before but it seems very amateur to say the least.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2931d ago
MArio is the same thing over and over. Yea its the d=first "true aminstream " game ever... but its time to move over. Marios not the best anymore....not even close. People give this game great reviews only because it says MARIO on the front of the box. Its a fat plumber jumping around to save a pricess that can shot fire balls. Mario ALWAYS has a retarted story. Uncharted and Mass Effect are just in a TOTALLY different league. It's really not even comparbale the level of polish that goes into those games vs. Mario.
jjfunaz  +   2930d ago
you are so far from the truth its rediculous. The level design in mario galaxy surpasses anything we've seen on ps3 or 360 to date. While its true that mario has been around forever and has stayed essentially a platformer throughout the entire 20 years of existance, Nintendo continues to push their gameplay to new levels, and evolves into something different each iteration.

Nintendo sets the standard for original ideas, gameplay control, level design, and above all fun factor. There is a reason that wii is selling to well, this is also the reason why nintendo struggles with thirdparty support. Companies who put less time and less effort into games on their platform turn out inferior (for the most part) to nintendo's first party games.

Most developers spend much of their budget on graphics, while nintendo uses more for the actual design process. Nintendo also isn't afraid to take risks, some pay off (DS) some don't (virtual boy) but they still push the envolope and set trends their competitor's follow.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   2931d ago
LMAO they said motion controls is a downside to it. So in other words the fact that it uses motion controls makes it bad.
l4wl  +   2931d ago
I guess I probably used the wrong phrasing there - I thought that the majority of the motion sensing, specific to this game, added nothing to the experience, only detracted from it.
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2931d ago
Awful review.
I have 30 stars so far, and I haven't felt nauseous once. People who hate Nintendo sure do have weak stomachs...
Rooftrellen  +   2930d ago
It took me a little getting used to.

It was nothing serious, but if I play for too long at once I can still get a little dizzy, and when I first started playing it, it happened a little more.

However, you're not supposed to be playing a game hours on end anyway, so...who really cares? It's never happened to me in the first 15 minutes, and you're supposed to take a break every 15 minutes anyway (that's any game, for those of you playing Halo 3 or Warhawk multiple hours straight!)

It's never been in the way of me enjoying myself, though.
SacT0wnF1n3st  +   2931d ago
This is a great game in my opinion. I wasn't sure about this game at first but after I try it it is an great great game.
TruthbeTold  +   2931d ago
Hey guys...
What is this crap? Can any old piece of garbage wannabe get his opinions posted on N4G as news because he calls it a review? All that's clear from that review is that he didn't like the game before he even played the game. Screw that.
Tsalagi  +   2931d ago
It's weird that Megatonik gave Mario Galaxy such a low score since most of the people there are from Destructoid and they rated it Editors Choice(9.6).
hotzizzy  +   2930d ago
So what?
What does that have to do with anything? Sure, some of those at MEGATONik (myself included) used to participate in the Destructoid community (and some still do), but that doesn't mean the two sites share the exact same, or even similar, opinions. Reviews from any separate sites should be based upon each of the individual author's opinion regardless of previous or current interactions.
Tsalagi  +   2930d ago
Calm down
All i was saying is that it was weird that two sites that shared editors and community members had such varying opinions on the same game.
hotzizzy  +   2930d ago
I AM CALM!!!!!!! No, seriously.
If all the editors and community members shared the exact same opinions it would be very boring and bland - variety in opinions is good and should be expected.
hotzizzy  +   2930d ago
This is just one author's opinion
I understand that some people disagree with the opinions expressed in this review, but discrediting the entire site because the opinions in one post contradict your own (and those of the majority of other reviewers) is just stupid. If you don't agree with the review that's fine, but it doesn't make sense to judge the site (or even the author of this review) solely on a single article.
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TruthbeTold  +   2930d ago
You don't get it...
The author of this review makes clear his disdain for the Wii, and the review for the game reflects this. He wasn't going to like this game no matter what. Which means that he should if anything be writing articles about why he doesn't like the Wii, not reviewing games that he doesn't even really need to take the time to review since his mind is already made up. If a site allows this, then of course it reflects poorly on them.
hotzizzy  +   2930d ago
It means they don't censor one author's opinion just because it is against the popular opinion.
Danja  +   2930d ago
ok so this guy is not a fan of the Wii nor Mario...hmm..
Tyrael  +   2930d ago
screw mario galaxy, i want luigi universe
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2930d ago
attention 'hore! sorry 2/5 is pretty ridiculous I wont judge the site but whoever 'lawl' guy is, he is garbage.
superman  +   2930d ago
All we need to know is that it is a great game. And we know that. Im getting it tommorow.
superman  +   2930d ago
All we need to know is that it is a great game. And we know that. Im getting it tommorow.
pacman615  +   2930d ago
i kind of have to agree with dude....
super mario galaxy kind of feels like some of the missions on ratchet and clank, ripped from them , and the camera angles on super mario galaxy are kind of bad on those planets, and the game doesn't even offer voice acting except for a few words out of a sentence, kind of cheap
vidoardes  +   2930d ago
Gamerankings: Average of 97.5%, second best game of all time (0.1% behind Ocerina of time)

Metacritic: 97/100, the best game on the wii and firmly amoungst the top ten games on metacritic.

Need I say more?
bootsielon  +   2930d ago
People that care about rankings to make purchasing decisions are...
ShadoWulf  +   2930d ago
Well in that case why does anyone care about this article at all?
Rute  +   2930d ago
"l4wl", you stated that the motion controls don't work half the time, while other sites practically praise the controls for their responsiveness. Is your wiimote broken or didn't you just understand that you have to wait for a second between spin attacks?

By the way, the correct version of "this would not of been" is "this would not have been".
r4nger  +   2930d ago
the reviewers of this site obviously have some descripiton of bone to pick with either the Wii or Mario himself. From what i've heard this game is an absolute stormer on almost every level but storyline. They say that it's the same game as 10 years ago, but hey if it aint broke dont fix it - some of the best games ever were from 10 years ago (ocrarina of time for instance).

boo for sites like this
hooray for gamers this christmas
KidMakeshift  +   2930d ago
Sorry it's not Super Mario Massacre
It's a Nintendo franchise. What do you expect? It's always been a paper thin story about Mario saving Peach from Bowser, and it works.
PopEmUp  +   2930d ago
This site is bS
but Mario does starting to get bore but I still having fun with it but i'm getting the brawl this holiday anyway back to warhawk
PS360WII  +   2930d ago
I can see why Bioshock now only has a 96 on metacritic. If this guy reviewed it it would read something like: While Bioshock was fun to play and looks great I hated the control method. I had to use both analog sticks why on earth would they do that!

Reviews are what they are the only review I care about is the one I have after I buy it ;)
#21 (Edited 2930d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
l4wl  +   2930d ago
Nah, Bioshock is one of the best games I've played this year.
BubyDudy  +   2930d ago
Every simple great game is an amazing chance for everybody to gain some attention. Think about it, how many of you knew this Megatonik site before? I didn't (and I happen to know a fair amount of gaming sites, due to my obsession of liking to see new sites popping out)...
ylwzx3  +   2930d ago
This is my beef with the Mario franchise..... Look how abused it is...... Marios getting old no matter how good the game. Time to move on geeze.

solar  +   2930d ago
looks like SMG got gamestop'ed. its hilarious that a game with an avg of 98% gets a 40% from a no name site...looking for site hits.
Skerj  +   2930d ago
Dude if you can't follow a Mario story then you really should stick to Tetris or Ski Free or something.
ItsDubC  +   2930d ago
Awesome comment dude. 1st laugh of my day.
forum_crawler  +   2930d ago
Ha ha
So true, so true...
I guess fanboys must find some way of dealing with the fact that Mario kicks butt.

Maybe it's their way of dealing with the fact that Nintendo and Mario are spanking them and they are actually liking it...
Maestro  +   2930d ago
Megatonik!!!!!!!1 yahooooooooooo. Somebody explain me what's that? It's your secret fanboy webpage eh MK red? Sorry dude, this "review" is not part of gamerankings or metacritic, so you fail.
lawler  +   2930d ago
Yawn, another site willing to throw away credibility in the hope of getting more hits.
ChickeyCantor  +   2930d ago

i'm loving it, so why should i care what this guy thinks? WHY SHOULD ANY ONE CARE IF ITS A 2/5 or a 5/5!!!!!

-data received, recreating to log book.
kobonline  +   2930d ago
Every one is entitled to their opinion but,
We all know that was one of the most shallow and amateur-esque reviews in recent history.

That was the first time I've been to that site and after that review it's going to be the last, unless they have another wacky review linked on N4G......

They pretty much lost all credibility in one shot.
texism  +   2930d ago
No, not everyone.

STUPID people are NOT entitled to their opinions. That's how we got the holocaust.
stuntman_mike  +   2930d ago
very enjoyable game controls felt fine to me and the levels didint make me dizzy.
as for the best mario game im not to sure M64 still is the best mario game (3d) IMO, but im playing ratchet and clank TOD more than this.
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