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Submitted by Valay 1534d ago | image

New DmC Devil May Cry images

Check out some new images of DmC Devil May Cry showing screenshots and more. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Tokyo Game Show, Xbox 360)

CaptainMarvelQ8   1534d ago | Offensive
Jappy-k7  +   1534d ago
WOW that pendejo is the definition of badass!


EDIT: seriously aren't they embarrassed for showing this to the Japanese audience ??
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rezzah  +   1534d ago
I think they removed some of the close up pictures. I kept looking for them and clicking on it but all i see are those shytty pics.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1534d ago
-looks at new DMC pictures-

I really hope Capcom learns a lesson after the sales of this game.
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BuT_TeR  +   1534d ago
New Dante looks like such a herb.
Flatbattery  +   1534d ago
Sorry, but that looks like a whole load of wrong.
Pozzle  +   1534d ago
Why don't they just give this game another name and strop trying to associate it with the Devil May Cry series? There is still so much more that could be explored with the original Devil May Cry timeline.... e.g. More info on Vergil (Vergil could have been one of the most memorable villains in gaming if only Capcom gave him the chance), more exploration of the demons and underworld, more about Sparta, etc etc.

I'm just worried we'll never see more of the original DMC series if this reboot ends up selling well. :(

Hell, the series isn't even THAT old to warrant a reboot imo. And most fans clearly aren't happy with what's going on here.
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Ps3thebest   1534d ago | Spam
WhiteLightning  +   1534d ago
I know...theres was no point in a reboot when the last game was only 3 years ago. It's like rebooting Spiderman with another origin story after only 3/4 years..............oh wait

I'd say we send a message to Capcom and don't buy this. NT should of stuck with HS and Sony instead of letting greed consume them
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ShaunCameron  +   1534d ago
Yeah. Say what you will about Team Ninja, but I think they would be better suited to reboot the DMC franchise.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1534d ago
I agree, alot of people still think that the series hasn't even ended yet and I think thats what's giving more fuel to the fire other than the change of character design. I am truly worried how Trish, Vergil are going to look IF they are even in the new DmC at all.
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Whitefox789  +   1534d ago
I have a feeling Vergil will be in it since they showed a screenshot of this "Dante" with the amulet from DMC 1 and 3, Trish I don't think so because in DMC 1 she's pretty much a carbon copy of Dante's human mother created by Mundus. Can't really happen if this Dante's parents was an angel and a demon.

One thing I noticed about the gameplay demo's for this game is Dante's sword is a copy of Nero's Devil Bringer, and the alternating world is from Bayonetta (you see people in the real world as silhouettes)

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mendicant  +   1534d ago
I like the new look. It will be interesting to see how the final product turns out.
TheMutator  +   1534d ago
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy capcom whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?? ??????? T_T MOTHER FU^%$^&$%
Whitefox789  +   1534d ago
The day Clover Studios and all its members left Capcom was the beginning of the end for them. Keji Infaune's departure was just the final nail on the coffin.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1534d ago
Thanks for the video Whitefox, I really appreciate you showing me more gameplay. -Bubbles-

But ripping off Bayonetta again...really. They need to delay this game for at least another year so originality can be injected into it. They are taking too many ideas from other things (Little Nicky, Inception...etc) and taping them together instead of at least adding their flair to it.

Like I said before in previous posts, this game will be the failure of two companies being hit with one egotistical stone.
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Whitefox789  +   1534d ago
Thanks, I think I'd go along the lines of Pozzles idea and just have this game as its own IP so far all this game has done is 1. Create Idiots, and 2. Antagonize Fans of the Franchise (myself included) because of arrogant pricks like Tameem.

I would've actually like to see someone be bold and see if they could take the DMC timeline past DMC 2 just cause I played SMT: Nocturne recently and seeing Dante in his DMC 2 attire reminded me how much of a badass he was in that game. The only thing I didn't like about DMC 2 was the Lucia disc and truth be told that's how most fans felt about DMC 2.

Btw I loled at your comment about Little Nicky. I suppose it rips off Adam Sandlers Hair Style.

I'll also tell you right now seeing Vergil in UMvC 3 has made me want to fire up my copy of DMC 3.
Quagmire  +   1534d ago
Looking great, cant wait!

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