Top Five Hideous Main Characters

You think all video game characters are pretty to look at? Not in this top five list.

It is definitely a risk for any developer to create a main character that is absolutely hideous. Whether they are a new species or a creation of the players, these characters are definite eye sores.

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FlashXIII1685d ago

Surprised the new Dante isn't on there.. sure he isn't what you'd call stereotypically hideous but looks freaking awful nonetheless.

jacksonmichael1685d ago

I was thinking Kain from Legacy of Kain... The number 1 choice was pretty funny, though.

Pozzle1685d ago

Kain gets a pass because he has a sexy voice :D

Quagmire1685d ago


Yeah I said it, so what? Wanna fight about it?

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