Street Fighter X Tekken On PlayStation 3 And Vita Will Share DLC

Siliconera: "Street Fighter X Tekken will have both free and paid DLC after the game is released. Speaking with games blog, Joystiq, producer, Yoshinori Ono, reveals that you’ll be able to use the same DLC you’ve bought and paid for on both PlayStation 3 and Vita, as long as you’re using the same PlayStation Network account for both devices."

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Quagmire2561d ago

But its still DLC. WHy cant they just put it into the games right now?

Farsendor12561d ago

thats actually pretty cool its like how i can use a friends computer with my steam account and have access to all my games. but in this case its dlc but still sony is taking all the right directions.

sony is making some good moves. i know its the developers choice to do this in the end but sony is the one that made it possible by making the psn more open.

this is the first time i have said something positive towards sony in a long time

tarbis2561d ago

So, how many expansions will SFxTK have?

colonel1792561d ago

Super SFXTK, Super SFxTK Turbo, Ultimate SFxTK, Super SFxTK Arcade Edition at least.

tiffac0082560d ago

Don't forget the SFxTK: Moe edition. You know its bound to come one of these days. j/k lol!

cochise3132561d ago

talking about dlc already huh? capcom never ceases to amaze.

UltimateIdiot9112561d ago

Can't spell Capcom without DLC.

Darth Stewie2561d ago

Yes you can EA and Activision.

Quagmire2561d ago


holy shit, you're right!