EA Goes Phishing For Registrations

Paul Munn of Aeropause has an article detailing a rather interesting use of the ToS between PSN and EA Games. Seems that EA is pulling info that is registered with PSN to send out email to customers. While in and of itself was not overtly bad, was combined with misleading statements, to get you to follow a link to an EA website.

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Bonsai12143931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

whoops, wrong news story... haha

anyways, on topic: screw EA. if they're going to spam the email i set up my psn with, i'll be pissed. everything they do is stupid.

Tsalagi3931d ago

No thanks EA. Keep your spam to yourself.

Vojkan3930d ago

How GAY is that!?! F you EA!

Lumbo3930d ago

Welcome to the world of EA ;)

titntin3930d ago

Nothing is too low for the margetting geeks at that company. I know, I worked there (or more accurately worked for a dev company that was taken over by EA.)