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MediaBeast:"Dead Island is a great game. Does it have its fair share of bugs? Yes! Could this game have done better if it was delayed for a bit? Yes! Is Dead Island fun? Yes....."

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gw4k2406d ago

Holy crap you are really late to the review party!
Mediabeast? Oh that explains it.

One of those blogs. Heck, you probably just got the money to buy this game.

MysticStrummer2405d ago

"fair share of bugs"? This is the buggiest game I've ever played by far. It's fun when it works, but I tried to play some co-op with a friend last night and gave up because the game kept freezing about every two or three minutes. I'd be done with the story by now if the autosave worked like it's supposed to. The visual bugs are minor compared to all the weird and irritating things that happen while playing. I keep hoping another patch will show up before I either finish the game or get mad and throw it away, but as of now my review score is still a 5/10.

shayol33t2405d ago

Honestly, did you pirate it? Because it has been patched multiple times and is quite playable atm.

MysticStrummer2405d ago

Nope I'm playing the PS3 version, which I bought on release day. It's been patched once, and the patch made things worse. Online co-op wasn't freezing before the patch. I understand the PS3 version is the buggiest of all, but the fact remains this is the buggiest game I've ever played and it's not even close.

MysticStrummer2405d ago

I've lost hours and hours of progress because of the autosave. I've had weapons either vanish out of my inventory or sit there blinking on the ground while I try in vain to pick them up. One good automatic rifle was gone from my inventory when I stepped away from the workbench where I had just paid about 25k to upgrade and modify it. I've had my truck vanish out from under me while I was driving it. The Infected will run at me, run through a wall, and sometimes pop up out of the ground in front of me. Sometimes they just disappear. I lost access to a weapon mod because the game didn't give it to me as a quest reward. Like I said, before the patch the co-op ran smoothly, though with the bugs I mentioned before. Now the game literally freezes every 2-5 minutes when I play co-op, and sometimes when I play single player. I'm not making this stuff up. Same things are happening to my friend who bought the game to play with me. The most irritating thing is the lost progress, followed by the vanishing weapons.

One-X2405d ago

Mystic, I have the PS3 version with the update and I haven't once came across anything like that, and I've strictly played co-op. I can definitely see how annoying the lost weapons would be considering it does take a while to get money to upgrade and repair. But I am halfway through the game, and the only bugs I've encountered in DI are freezing bugs and the save one. The save one has only happened once and I lost 10 minutes of gameplay, but yeah, you do know there's a way to get the game to save right?

You switch the controls to analog, enter out of options and it will save. Temporary fix for now. Also, the freezing bugs happened mostly whilst driving, we also had a freeze problem when we punched a certain zombie which was weird. But apart from the co-op matchmaking, I haven't found it to be as buggy as some people say.

Buggiest game you've ever played.... slight over-exaggeration. I've played buggier games, even Fallout 3 had freeze issues on the PS3, and it did it often to. Yes the save thing is terrible at the moment, but you should focus on the gameplay, in my opinion it's simply unfair to critisize a game mainly on bugs that are going to be fixed. I haven't had so much fun in a game in a long long while, for me Dead Island is amazing.

Dropdeadll2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

you probably lost some of your guns because you had a full inventory and don't move around while the map is loading or else a nearby zombie might pop out of nowhere