TGS 2011: Steel Battalion Dev Doc Shows Intense Kinect And Controller Support

Capcom feels strongly about the possibilities of Kinect and what kind of gaming opportunities come along with it. In a new developer documentary for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, gamers get a good look at how playing with the controller and using Kinect at the same time can make for a very intense experience.

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aviator1892439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Damn, that actually looks pretty awesome. I'd definitely use kinect like that. Now, if only ms could reduce kinect's price tag a bit.

Shadonic2439d ago

you do get 2 free games right now when you buy a kinect. plus the other game is child of eden which has gotten great reviews.

VictoriousB132439d ago

Very cool stuff. Definitely a unique way of utilizing Kinect.

Nodoze2439d ago

Correction...Capcom is PAID to feel strongly about the possibilities of Kinect.

I think we all know Capcom's proven track record of catering to the highest bidder.