Top 5 Useless Gaming Accessories

As much as we all love the gaming industry it does have an undeniably high amount of cash-ins. Accessories usually fall into this category as companies try and make you buy their “must have” accessories which often do extremely little and sometimes actually make playing the game in question harder. Check below as we compile the top 5 useless gaming accessories.

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supergameboy2284d ago

I think the Game Boat takes the prize for number 1 pointless load of crap here. :D

Nitrowolf22284d ago

absolutely pointless indeed

ATi_Elite2283d ago

At one point in time Wal-Mart had a whole isle dedicated to just Wii accessories and I actually saw the canoe.

At first i thought it was cool and i was trying to imagine all the cool games.......then my buzz wore off and i said "Phuck That Shite". :o

Valay2284d ago

There are really too many pointless accessories. Probably why I don't have many of them.

BootHammer2284d ago

Wii Canoe, hahaha...that's classic. Nice article guys!

kma2k2284d ago

Sad to say i half expected the move to be on there!

tiffac0082284d ago

I think the Game Boat and Inflatable Kart are better off used at the beach. lol!

ATi_Elite2283d ago

I'm gonna be the first person to sail around the world in a Wii canoe!!

or at least get on Attack of the Shows "Epic Fail" segment!

tiffac0082283d ago

Bro I'll support you all the way with your endeavor. lol! XD

tarbis2283d ago

I shall support your sir =D

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