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Developer: Xbox Live no Longer The Golden Ticket it Once Was

Robert Boyd, the co-founder of Zeboyd Games, has said Xbox Live is no longer the ‘golden ticket it once was’ (Xbox 360)

SITH  +   1411d ago
I developers want us to buy their arcade games, then come out with something that can justify the cost.
darthv72  +   1411d ago
one advantage live still offers
trials for practically everything available. I'd hate to have to buy a game just to see if i like it or not. Every indie game on xbla has a trial option. You cant do that with mini's on psn.

I'm surprised sony hasnt changed that.
BabyTownFrolics  +   1411d ago
most games on psn dont have a trial not just minis
dark-hollow  +   1411d ago
That, and when you download the "trail" you actually downloaded the whole game it just locked so if you wanted to purchase the game you don't have to download it again. It just unlocks in a second.
mcstorm  +   1411d ago
I agree with you all. These are just some of the good things on xbox live and im glad ms carried this across to windows phone too as it means we can try the game before we buy and saves us alot of money on poor games. With xbox live coming to windows 8 too ide expect it to be the same on here. For developers to come out and say its not sold well on live but has on other services review how many people downloaded the game 1st and then see how many bought the game and if the numbers are different by along way you know that you made a poor game its as simple as that.
Godmars290  +   1411d ago
Isn't this about what Steam/PC does for indy titles. This says more in general about DLs on XBL and PSN both. No one really talks about the sales differences between them, and when they are brought up its most often an exclusive title that's lucky to break 100K when both are suppose to have millions of users.
evrfighter  +   1411d ago
Its funny...on a platform where people think piracy eats all profit. They managed to blow xbl sales out of the water.

This should debunk that myth thats been goin around where all pc gamers are pirates. They support their indie scene while console gamers support old men in suits.
Bigpappy  +   1411d ago
@evrfighter: First you need to look at the ratio of PCs:360s out there. Then you look at the price and the type of users on each platform.

Because XBLA has bargin titles already that higher in quality, people tend to spend more there.
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BigKev45  +   1411d ago
Robert is one hell of a hater.
gamingdroid  +   1411d ago
It's not Xbox Live Arcade, it's technically Xbox Live Indie Games and we all know MS doesn't give it that much visibility. Heck, I never go there as it is tucked somewhere and most of it is cr@p.

If it's easy to publish, there is a good chance it will be crap and you will need an ever bigger install base to get you enough traffic to garner those purchases. See iPhone, so much trash, but so many users!

There have been a few successes on XBLIG though, but they are few and far between. You want to succeed on Xbox Live, you gotta get published in XBLA.
juanvan  +   1411d ago
Indie games are not well quality games form a gamers point of view I have tried about 10 and have purchased 0 I don't go searching there anymore.
typikal82  +   1411d ago

no, grandpa Joe, you slacking freeloader, your grandson does. You just jumped out of bed once you heard "free". JERK.
DiRtY  +   1411d ago
There are so many great games on the market that I barely look at indie games.

There are XBLA games that are worth every penny though.

Look at Toy Soldiers Cold War. It sold more than 160k units with a $15 price tag.

Fruit Ninja Kinect sold 150.000 with a $10 price tag. So it is not impossible to sell your games on XBLA and I bet those developers made a fortune with it.
radphil  +   1411d ago
It's not so much as impossible, as so is it really worth it.

I just dislike things that some companies do, like Fruit Ninja Kinect for example that you mentioned. It's $1 on iPhone, but $10 on console.

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