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Submitted by OllieBoy 1610d ago | opinion piece

Is the Xbox 360 Kinect 'Going the Way of the Dodo'?

ZDNet: Is Microsoft Kinect motion controller for the Xbox is ‘going the way of the dodo’ because motion control is a ‘passing phase’? (Kinect, Xbox 360)

ironwolf  +   1611d ago
gamingdroid  +   1610d ago
I highly doubt it!

Quality games are starting to come out, the console bundle seems to still sell like hotcakes and the technology applies to many other areas, not just gaming.

Motion gaming will never disappear, it just needs more time to incubate and this might seem like a stretch right now, but might take over from controllers.

Hard to believe, but keyboard/mouse is better than controllers, yet controller prevailed for other reasons. Will we see history repeat itself in one or two decades?

At a minimum I think controllers and motion control will live side by side.
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kikizoo  +   1610d ago
"Hard to believe, but keyboard/mouse is better than controllers,"

not for most of the games...

but you are right, motion gaming will never disappear, it's a great things for sports, party games, fps, rts (for move only)...but kinect is limited for real gaming.

"nd have yet to play a single game for the Move besides Sports Champions and the demo disk that was included. The device failed to meet my expectations, as did many others as well. SONY hyped the Move more than they have supported it. What a shame."

what a shame for your lies fnaboy pretending having a ps3 : tons of games are playables with moves, and greats ones (like R3, killzone3, mag, heayvy rain, etc etc) so stop spreading craps ignorant fanboy.

"his site has a majority of SONY fans. PC fans are the largest minority, while Xbox fans are one of the smallest. Of course the Move is more popular in this corner of the interwebs."

lol, fanboyz point of view, always believing they are in the largest minority when the reality is more powerfull then their delusional dreams...just accept the fact that if the games are better, if the hardware is better, if the sales are better, if the motion controler is better, you have more gamers adopting it, and defending it when liars and trolls are writting bullcraps.

"It's possible that Kinect may eventually go the way of the PS Move - which would equal two failures. We'll just have to wait and see."

yeah sure, failure, poor pathetic's the best motion controler, usefull for real gamers, and games, so stop pretending craps (every months we have new real good games to play with it, unlike some others gimmicks)
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Autodidactdystopia  +   1610d ago
Before you know it it'll be about mind controlled games.

nahh i think it will find its audience IF quality titles start being released.
BlindGuardian  +   1610d ago
motion gaming won't fail but Kinect will

which could only mean good news for real gamers
Bigpappy  +   1610d ago
Grimhammer00  +   1610d ago
They mean no...more like going out like a dream, castaway of fad-dom. 
Godmars290  +   1610d ago
Can't really call it healthy.
Not when it was given a large amount lead/promo time and modders have done more with it than professional game devs. That its main hook of being "controller free" is falling apart.

It and Move only exist because of the popularity generated by the Wii - and the Wii has failed.

"How has the Wii failed"

NO one is buying games for it unless their Nintendo. The casual market they went after hasn't supported it. The approach they're taking with the Wii U says as much.
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gamingdroid  +   1610d ago
How has the Wii failed when it has sold and enjoyed by almost as many people as Xbox 360 and PS3 combined?

I think hardcore gamers want it to fail, but Wii was and is a monstrous success.
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zero_gamer  +   1610d ago
"It and Move only exist because of the popularity generated by the Wii - and the Wii has failed."

How are the Move sales coming along? Oh right, nobody cares about it.

@Godmars290's reply

You're not factoring in how many Move purchasers have purchased more than one wand, right? The Kinect only needs to be purchased once in most cases. Many Move users bought at least two wands as some games allow you to use two simultaneously, or some games have multiplayer and each player needs a Move controller each.

Also I don't believe SONY's numbers are actually sales. I'd sooner believe they're shipped than sold. A GameStop location (if not all locations, I don't shop there) has slashed the pricing of the Move by 50% the MSRP. The store is simply struggling with the damn thing they cannot clear their stock. Why? Because no significant number of gamers are interested in the Move. The games are lackluster, SONY has been supporting the device significantly less than they say they do, and lastly, it is overpriced.

Seriously, I purchased the Move back in Holiday 2010 and have yet to play a single game for the Move besides Sports Champions and the demo disk that was included. The device failed to meet my expectations, as did many others as well. SONY hyped the Move more than they have supported it. What a shame.
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Godmars290  +   1610d ago
Anyone talking about Kinect sales after it hit 10 million? Pretty sure Move was at 8 million around the same time.

Honestly, the EU or the TGS sould have been when they brought sales numbers but I did hear anything.
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GameScrub  +   1610d ago
I love kinect!

Gunstring hero, Nightmare rise and ninja fruit really add to the fun!

Really cool games to be honest.
Shadonic  +   1610d ago
no i mean the question why are you not playing this with a controller has been asked since they first started to advertise kinect. On his question why would you play this game without a controller the answer is a higher sense of immersion into the game. He mentioned gunstringer and the developers said that they didn't think it would be possible on the wii or the ps3 motion controllers but a controller idk from the demo i played it was great and while it would be a cool addition for those who don't own a kinect. the experience with the device would always be better. It all depends on how the developers and Microsoft handle the future of the device and the games which by the looks of it are getting good. As time goes by the games and the device itself will improve and will probably transcend into more and more games makeing the gameplay even more immersive. Example I have an idea for a fight Night game where kinects motion tracking can be used to provide a more immersive gameplay with the implementation of real life movement into the game. Basically its not a fad.
zero_gamer  +   1610d ago
I don't like Kinect at all, but it isn't going the way of the Dodo bird. MS is selling it more than SONY is selling their Move controller and supporting it more aggressively as well.
Angrymorgan  +   1610d ago
Supporting it more than Sony? Where you get that from, I hate both, they're pointless gimmicks, it's not immersive, bouncing around in front of a sensor, hoping it reads you and not the dog, to be rewarded by a sucky delayed reaction on screen,

Back to my point: kinect has a handful of games that are playable, Sony are at least adding move support to good old games like infamous 2, lbp 2 etc
KingSlayer  +   1610d ago
I hope so. I can play Fruit Ninja without it. Child of Eden without it. Mass Effect 3 without it. Rise of Nightmares is trash. What's the point? Oh, to navigate their UI! My bad.
SweatyFlorida  +   1610d ago
Well I NEVER hear anyone talk about Kinect or mention the games for it unless it's in these types of articles or are comparing it to the Move, but outside of articles like these, you just hear crickets. (Those saying otherwise are mostly lying through their teeth) So saying that I'd say it has as much relevance as Move (Excluding games that are compatible with Move/Sharpshooter (Not Move exclusive) as even those get mentioned more than Kinect)
zero_gamer  +   1610d ago
Well yes of course the Move gets mentioned more than Kinect here on N4G. N4G does not represent a significant portion of the gaming community as a whole. Outside of N4G, Kinect sells more, and is more popular, than SONY's Move controller.

This site has a majority of SONY fans. PC fans are the largest minority, while Xbox fans are one of the smallest. Of course the Move is more popular in this corner of the interwebs.
SweatyFlorida  +   1610d ago
No, I literally mean everywhere and in nowhere did I mention here specifically. N4G isn't the only site with news and conversations on gaming you know. and I frequently look up on different sites (IGN, here, Gametrailers, Game informer) and it's the same across each and everyone.

I'm sorry to say that but it's true :/ Fact is, though Kinect is selling good, I bet majority of those sales are "casual" gamers or those who've enjoyed the Wii (Kinect's targets.) While the Move's only real appeal is playing Killzone 3 or some other shooter in a different/fun way, I'm betting that the "core" gamer makes up most of those sales.

So that's why I never hear any chat from "regular" gamers on how "Awesome" the Kinect is or how they REALLY enjoyed the Kinect. and honestly, the peripheral doesn't have a single game that screams "I GOTTA GET A KINECT!" Nether does the Move of course, but at least it's options are more readily available than Kinects (atm) as far as enjoying a regular game in a different way.

Though I think both peripherals will die out or become irrelevant to core gaming. Both are trying to live off the success of the Wii and that's a fact, but I think that "fad" died out a while ago. Seems Sony realized this and is hardly putting effort into the Move (Aside from making games compatible with it), problem is Micro is still trying to squeeze every last ounce they can get off it and are making full games for it. Their focus on Kinect is leading to a dead end I believe, the sooner they realize that the better 360 and it's users will be (So they can focus on the 360)
giovonni  +   1610d ago
Depends on who you ask. The Hardcore gamers, think so. However, people like my woman, sister, mother, brother and guests that come over enjoy the Kinect. I have also enjoyed some of the games on it myself. Rise of Nightmares, Kinect Sports, MJ game ect. The best I've played so far is Rise of Nightmares it gives you the best immersion and Sega has really did well with the control features. Disagree if you want but I've played my fair share of trash games Sonic Riders anyone?
HyperBear  +   1610d ago can tell who's running this article (and probably N4G right now ---> PS3 Fanboys). If your going to put Kinect on the spot, then you should also put the Move on the spot. Frankly, from what I remember last year, Kinect outsold Move before the end of the year and Move had a 1 month head start. Add the fact that Sony only marketed Move for like a month and Move's head-liner game, Sorcery, keeps getting delayed, and M$ only have Star Wars Kinect coming out, which is really lame, I think Motion Gaming in general will all go the way of the dodo.

I'm a console/PC gamer myself, and have always believed in dedicated gaming controllers or mouse/keyboard. I never got into this whole motion, swinging my arms around gaming crap. Just look at Wii, as some of you have pointed out, it faded away long ago, and third party support is 99% gone because no one buys games for the Wii, cause its quite frankly outdated (and Wii U is coming soon as well). I think we all would have been better off without Sonys or M$'s need for Motion gaming, and that money shoulda went into New IPs (especially on M$'s part), or better improved Online gaming, or enhanced system improvements, etc.

But if your gonna point fingers at one of them, might as well point them at all.
cheetorb  +   1610d ago
Kinect or Move who? Oh that Wii like fad thing. Umm, no sorry. It's "neat" tech but I like my video games like...well like video games. Just like I don't want to stand up and move around to watch a movie or change the channels or get up to do anything for that matter. My game time is a relaxing escapism, not some exercise video. If I want to move I'll go skateboard or ride my bike or actually go outside and MOVE around and KINECT with the real world.
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Number_3  +   1610d ago
It's possible that Kinect may eventually go the way of the PS Move - which would equal two failures. We'll just have to wait and see.
Jdrm03  +   1610d ago
Hysterical comment:
Yes, please god yes! Then Microsoft can return to focusing on more games then just halo, gears, forza, fable and pretending CoD is exclusive!!!!

Logical comment:
Well, more likely then not, it will. It's a gimmick. Gimmicks never last. That's how it goes. Gimmicks are great to make tons of cash in the short run if you can get it to take off, but definitely not the long run. Look at the Wii.

The wii did amazing in it's first few years because of it's motion controls, but what about in the last 1.5 years? Dead. Why you ask? The wii owners moved on to the next new gimmick, that being Kinect. What will happen when the next gimmick comes around? You guessed it, move on to the next gimmick leaving the Kinect dead.

The same will go with Kinect more likely, then not. The problem is the way things are going right now, Microsoft is going down the exact same road as Nintendo but in reverse. The wii lacks third party support. Microsoft lack first party support. Each way is leaving or has left a lot of it's fan base with a negative outlook for each respective console manufacturer.

Honestly, as a huge Microsoft and 360 fan, I have to say that Sony is the one that adopted a motion control gimmick the best....Maintain awesome exclusives, but build in optional motion controls to play the game with...for casuals have a few shovelware games but don't make it your sole focus. Finally still have the awesome third party support. Sony released the move as an option, not a replacement to the dualshock.

Microsoft on the other hand is trying to force Kinect down real gamers throats and it's going to fail because of this. If Microsoft really wants to keep Kinect a live for the long run, they need to find a balance between it's REAL gamer crowd and the noobs to gaming. You can't really put a percentage value but I will do it anyway. Microsoft should spend 75% of it's focus on games games games and more games. What's the point of having a great console and a great online service if you are only going to release 2 quality games a year? Microsoft's focus is so off at the moment, Gears will be the first true high budget exclusive title they have released in about a year.

So in conclusion, yes the way Microsoft is focused on Kinect and the majority of it's purchasers being new comers to gaming or family or whatever, Kinect will die out as they, the new comers move on to the next gimmick.
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DiRtY  +   1610d ago
of course not. Kinect sold so freaking well, a lot of developers want to use it and the second wave of titles will release soon.

I am totally loving it AND I will chainsaw the Locus in a couple of days. So stop this casual vs core stuff please.
Ddouble  +   1610d ago
All the casual titles like Dance Central will keep it alive. Core games are not doing enough. The wii took a few years before it dropped down and the same could be for the kinect as well
skeletonss  +   1610d ago
if kinect is going away, what does that say about playstation move?
Tyre  +   1610d ago
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