Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition Dated and Priced for the UK

Bethesda have released details of the Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition for the UK. The anniversary edition will be released on the 23rd September for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (£19.99), and for the PC (£17.99).

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kramun2412d ago

Notice the pc version is cheaper. Yep, that's right, we don't pay as much even though it's the superior version.

Pc gaming is where it's at and no mistake.

PatchowPietro2412d ago

True, but not everyone can afford a gaming rig. A decent rig = £799+ where as a PS3 =£199.

electricshadow2412d ago

Marked as trolling. Even though I prefer PC gaming to console gaming, gaming is gaming. Quit being a PC Elitist.

humbleopinion2412d ago

It's already been that long? Can't wait for Skyrim...

ainsz2412d ago

Yes, thankyou, sold! This will be great as my first elder scrolls experience will start here and hopefully prepare me for skyrim, which looks fantastic! Also this goes nicely with me starting PC gaming, but I may get this for ps3, not sure... Maybe both, I'm rambling. Peace off!!