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PlayStation Vita: No Monster Hunter A Huge Loss For Sony

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sony's PlayStation Vita debuts in Japan December 17, and while the initial launch games look decent, the fact that the system will release without a Monster Hunter (or one in the foreseeable future) casts some doubt on the handheld's future. (Monster Hunter 4, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Monster Hunter Tri G, PS Vita)

Misterhbk  +   1444d ago
Christopher...just stop this now. We all know you love the 3DS and that is fantastic. But do you really need to write one of these articles every single day? Just go play Ocarina of time or something. Seriously, you're getting a little out of hand with this.
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nycredude  +   1443d ago
This guy is an idiot. Did anyone come out and say there will NOT be a monster hunter on Vita? I guarantee it will come, unless they hate money.
matey  +   1438d ago
Capcom could of converted many games on wii but they didnt like RE5 was possible on wii but they chose not to after 2 million sales of RE4 same thing right there.

Oh and PSP had 1 anologue not 2 and that sold millions and millions so Vita with 2 nubs isnt even a sell sorry.

And all this talk 3rd party games dont sell well on nintendo platforms is a rubbish only on wii has this happened because the graphics had to be downgraded now with 3ds they can be just as good as the competition.
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TBM  +   1443d ago
Yup this C"db"b is a serious Sony hater. All he ever writes is negative articles about Sony. Its like they did something to him that scarred him for life.
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pain777pas  +   1443d ago
This MAY end up being a mistake and the new monster hunter clone on the Vita could rise. The PSN advantage is a big deal. I think a Phantasy star portable 3 or Ragnarok could at the very least try to unseat Monster hunter with better online features and easier combat to get a noobs head around. Japan will vote with their dollars and if Ragnarok is pitched and priced right we will see how this shakes out.
Tito08  +   1443d ago
Actually, Japan will vote with Yen, no dollars, lol, just playing bro!!!!
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pain777pas  +   1443d ago
@Tito08 Its cool bro! I can appreciate your comment.
Smiling535  +   1444d ago
The website appears to post articles criticizing and praising both systems, so I'm not sure what you're getting at. Perhaps HBK has had too many pile drivers from the Undertaker, eh?
Godmars290  +   1444d ago
So, what happens when the Vita eventually does get a MH? Just like every other gaming platform currently out except for the iPad - and I'm probably wrong about that.
Smiling535  +   1444d ago
Oh it'll be huge. Capcom would be stupid to just ignore Vita entirely. A system with that kind of horsepower would do the franchise proud.
rezzah  +   1443d ago
It's not about "hp" when it comes to Capcom and MH. They seek the easiest way to make MH while selling a lot of copies.

hence the decision to make MHTri exclusivity from PS3 over to Wii.

In this situation i am sure that MH would take up a hell of a lot less time to develop from the ground up for the 3DS than the Vita (especially since it's similar to the PS3).
iamnsuperman  +   1444d ago
Well this will be a test for Sony. Will the Vita's other functions and games out way this game. Since seeing remote play working well I just do not know (basically it seems like Wii U type functionality but sooner). Monster hunter basically carried the PSP in Asia. Its a loss but will the impact be great on sales. We just do not know.
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Coopertone  +   1443d ago
Vita is an amazing piece of hardware with quality games being developed for it.Final Fantasy X is being remade for the Vita, and there's ton of Sony exclusives.

Sure, MH is a good franchise and all, but I don't see it being detrimental to the Vita's sales, at all.
Infernostew  +   1443d ago
The title and article should say, "No Monster Hunter announced for Vita, a huge loss for Capcom".
HaHa_Ostrich  +   1443d ago
With 25+ game launch line up, exclusives, new IPs and MASSIVE 3rd party support in general, I cant see Vita to fail. So what if one game is not present at launch? Japan may be the home ground for playstation, but by far is not its biggest market.
Marceles  +   1443d ago
Yup no big deal at all, Playstation always has Monster Hunter Freedom anyway. It's gonna be just like how it is now: Sony with strong 1st and 3rd party titles, and Nintendo being totally dependent on 1st party, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest to keep them afloat.
Agent_hitman  +   1443d ago
Honestly sony should secure the monster hunter exclusivity at the first place, I'm pretty sure that 3ds will be a threat to vita with the absence of monster hunter IP
kulex47  +   1443d ago
The Title is misleading on purpose, they haven't gotten rid of Monster Hunter for the PSVita, whether or not its a launch title. Stop praising the "formerly" overpriced 3ds...
Wintersun616  +   1443d ago
And the loss of Final Fantasy XIII exclusivity destroyed PS3.

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smashcrashbash  +   1443d ago
This is BS you all do realize that right? One MH game and the VITA is doomed? What about all the other 6 Capcom games we are getting that Nintendo isn't? Also since when did Nintendo fans ever buy third parties as much as exclusives? I don't remember any Nintendo fan mobbing any other game that wasn't Mario and friends @ Misterhbk yeah what's with this guy. Keep this crap up and any review you have of the VITA will be null and void
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Ryo-Hazuki  +   1443d ago
So there wont be a new monster hunter title announced when vita launches who cares. It will come sooner or later
MasterCornholio  +   1443d ago
pffft like the vita is doomed if it doesn't have monster hunter it still has a ton of other great games to play so unless your a huge fan of monster hunter it isn't a big loss. Anyways i am pretty sure they will make a monster hunter for the vita capcom isn't that stupid after the sales they had on the PSP.
josephayal  +   1443d ago
I Cant stop laug btw funny article
Tito08  +   1443d ago
It might not be a loss since the Vita isn't even out yet and probably one of those new IPs might become the handheld's best seller, so it remains to be seen, but at this moment the Vita's lineup is looking impressive, even more than 3DS's current lineup... I mean, I like Nintendo and all, but I can't rely too much on the same Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, most 3rd party games don't sell well on Nintendo devices, except some.... I believe Vita will do great in Japan, the real question is how it will do outside of Japan!!!!

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