inFamous 2 to Support Playstation Move This October 25th

Sucker Punch have revealed that move support will be added to InFamous 2 and InFamous: Festival of Blood this October 25th.

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KingSlayer2380d ago

Love it! Really happy to see Sony adding Move controls to their library as well as new IPs. Wide variety of games. Sure, there's on-rails, kid friendly, and dancing games PLUS AAA core titles. Motion done right.

OllieBoy2380d ago

Indeed. Socom, Killzone, Resistance, inFamous...

And it's coming to BioShock Infinite. That's huge.

DigitalRaptor2380d ago

I know. It's crazy. Some people on here talk about how Move is dead.

They say it needs games built for Move rather than shoehorned in. That is partially true, but what I see is Sony giving gamers more choice, and that is never a bad thing.

The more announcements that are made like this, the more I will be enticed play these games with Move.

r212380d ago

i'd really like to see how this would work for inFamous 2.

will_c_752380d ago

I have been waiting for this, I bought I2 on launch but haven't touched it yet. My family have all beat it a few times, but I have been waiting, because I know how good it plays with a DS3. I have really enjoyed the Nav + Move combo, it is nice to be able to sprawl out in a recliner and just flick your wrist, instead of being hunched over a controller.

sorceror1712380d ago

I2 plays just fine with the DS3. I'll try out the move support, but I can't imagine it'll be *better* than the standard controls. *Different*, sure - probably even fun - but not better.

Knushwood Butt2380d ago

I got I2 a while back and have yet to play it too, so this news is a bonus for me.

stevenhiggster2380d ago

Tbh I fail to see how move can bring anything worthwhile to infamous 2. It controlled perfectly with a pad.

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