Enchanted arms heading to PS3

The newly released 360 RPG is also heading to PS3 this winter. So ends the exclusivity of this title to the Xbox 360.

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LiquifiedArt3788d ago

"The Best Company Around"

XboxKing3787d ago

uuhhh NO "I hate working with Sony and MS not any better"

ElementX3788d ago

Ken has doubts, shouldn't you?

TheXgamerLive3788d ago

Probably "NO" game will be heading to sony and the ps3 this winter as there still probably wont be one.

It's getting funnier each and every day.

LiquifiedArt3788d ago

"Reason To Buy....umm Nevermind, dont buy"

Captain Tuttle3788d ago

Japanese style games do nothing for me, no matter what platform they're on.

Eternal E 8083787d ago

i never liked any japanese style games ever in my life.

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The story is too old to be commented.