The Top Ten Gangs In Video Game History

Here's Joystick Division's take on the greatest gangs in video game history. Gangs litter some of the industry's most successful, creatively-expansive titles, and play a vital part in how developers can connect with real societal issues that occur across America periurban communities

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Sc0pe922438d ago

No one beats grove street

news4geeks2438d ago

Grove street was a joke, I loved watching it crash and burn. The synopsis was also ridiculous:

"It is a story of urban decay, corruption, and a strong comment on the recent mainstram realization that poor gang-bangers are not the catalysts for the crippled social state of our country, that crime within that community is a product of something larger. That instead they are scapegoats for people who can eschew blame and hide behind race, status, or sometimes even a badge."

yeah right...

dinkeldinkse2438d ago

Look what Marston did in Mexico. Just imagine what he could have done with the help of the gang.

MintBerryCrunch2438d ago


One can dream right?