Let's Get This Straight: Vita's Battery Life and Memory Cards

GP Editor, Marcus Estrada writes, "In case the news hasn't gotten around to you yet, the PS Vita is touting a lifespan of approximately 3 to 5 hours. That is, of course, if players remember to turn off wi-fi and bluetooth functions throughout their play time. Watching a movie fares a little better with 5 hours of battery life and up to 9 if all you're doing is listening to music with headphones on.

But since I assume most people have already found their standard device for music playing the biggest numbers to focus on are 3-5 hours. When the 3DS was found out to have similar gameplay hours it was a big deal-breaker for many. I have a feeling these estimates will also lose the Vita some potential customers."

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NukaCola2440d ago

This is a very powerful handheld that does more than any other portable piece of tech does. It's only $250-300. The battery life is expected and not a deal breaker at all. I do think the memory sticks are too pricey, but that isnt a deal breaker at all. I will store most of my stuff on Ps3 unless I want to use it, the firmware is saved on an internal memeory slot, game saves are now on the gamecard itself and wont have installs at all. This is still a day one for me. This is a bump in the road of a perfect handheld, but I am way to impressed to stress over these things. I expect another company will make cheaper memeory sticks anyway.

smashcrashbash2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Actually we don't know the actual price of the memory card yet. The Japanese yen was translated directly to US so we are not sure about the price. That is with the knowledge that Japanese prices are usually very expensive.

@ -Alpha. I don't see why this should turn people away. Many devices including phones and laptops have this type of battery life and it doesn't stop their sales.Also don't forget that the VITA does a lot more then the 3DS does on the same battery.Also you will not need as much space if you are buying VITA games instead of downloading them. If you prefer to download then you can think about buying more expensive cards

@ coryok I wonder if they added a battery with longer life if it would have made the unit too expensive or if it would have interfered with the design of it. Of course everyone is ready to say its because they are cheap but I wonder if its really is just that easy to jam a high powered battery in there.

ExplosionSauce2439d ago

So 9 hours of music and 3 to 5 hours of gameplay depending on what and how you play.

Not that bad considering what it has and does. I doubt people will stop buying it just because of battery life.

-Alpha2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

If it loses customers, it may be just those who want to wait off for a remodel with better battery life/cheaper prices/more games

Not like a gamer who wants a handheld hasthe option to turn away to a 3DS based on battery life alone. These devices do a helluva lot more than they used to back in the day.

The battery life is definitely disappointing by yesterday's standard, but I personally am never gone for 3+ hours where I feel like playing my handheld for that long. When I get a handheld, I'll be doing most my gaming at home on a couch. For me, it's all about playing exclusive games. Experiences that I cannot get on a console today, especially JRPGs that seem to do much more better on handhelds than consoles are what I will base my major decision on.

coryok2440d ago

with a quad core processor we all knew that the battery life wasnt going to be fantastic. 5 hours is a surprise for me, they must pack a pretty nice battery in these suckers. does anyone have any stats on the battery theyre shipping in it?

erivera19942440d ago

They make the Vita cost affordable but make the memory cards expensive. $132 for 32GB... get the fuck outta here. Even $40 is expensive for the 4gb. WTF sony. your making me think twice on whether or not im going to buy the VITA.

rezzah2440d ago

NOthing is official yet, from what i`ve seen those prices are only based on the US value of the Yen.

It could be cheaper. Got to wait until the officially announce it though.

smashcrashbash2440d ago

Yeah those are directly translated from Yen prices which are way more expensive. Its probably not even that high.

Shackdaddy8362440d ago

It's not like it's going to be THAT much less. I mean, if you even divide that price in half(which wont even happen), it will still be pretty pricey for a SD card...

SH0CKW4VE2440d ago

3 - 5 hours?

Thats more than the average travel time for me which is the main time I would be using it.

rezzah2440d ago

Travel or not, I still play my portable games more often at home. I also keep it plugs in like 95% of the time so battery time doesn`t really matter.

Legion2440d ago

So what you are saying is that because you don't use it as a portable device that it doesn't matter. I am assuming that "...battery time doesn`t really matter." is for you and not the rest of the gaming community. Some of us want to be able to get a bit more then 3 - 5 hours out of a single charge.

People complain if cordless controllers don't have a battery life over 24 hours. We know we can just plug them back in after awhile but that doesn't seem to make it an issue with people.

Battery life is just something people expect in a portable device. Saying that you don't game that long anyway and can recharge it is a cop out. People travel, people don't remember to charge their cellphones or cameras so why would it be different with a PSP or Vita? Just make a device that is truly portable and gives us the ability to take it with us without having to drag the charger with us and hoping we can find an outlet.

rezzah2439d ago

Your right Legion but I'm not speaking on the behalf of the gaming community. I'm just speaking about myself and how much the battery power will affect me.

Shackdaddy8362440d ago

It's 1-3 hours more than my laptop battery life so that's good :)

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