Sex, Violence and Blasphemy as Only the South Knows How: Fantastic Arcade 2011

DIYGamer: As announced on indie collective Juegos Rancheros, Texan indies have curated a fantastic, hedonistic collection of over 20 indie games to be featured at this year's free Fantastic Arcade, part of a huge independent film festival called Fantastic Fest.

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Dan502380d ago

XD the how much people can you have sex with game looks pretty hard.

SH0CKW4VE2380d ago

What did I just watch?!

rfowler302380d ago

i wasted 2 minutes of my life watching that, i couldnt stand ne more of this trailor trash game video

johnpolson2379d ago

I don't quite get it myself, but I can't imagine this game doing much for women's lib.

chainsawlove2377d ago

Yeah, 'cause this is only something the South could have created. Don't generalize.