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Submitted by GodAmungMen2 1612d ago | article

Importance Of Your Own Custom Built PC

When it comes to computer building many people believe it’s darn near impossible to do, and some of them even believe it’s more expensive building the computer part for part than buying it from the companies that make them. The issue with buying a pre-built PC is that you don’t know what they put in the machine, and you don’t know if it will be upgradeable to anything in the future. I’m speaking from real life experience here when I say “DON’T BUY ANYTHING PRE-BUILT” unless it is geared towards what you want to do I.e. (Intense Computer Gaming, Video Editing, 3D Asset Creation, ETC. (PC, Tech)

Semir  +   1612d ago
PC Rules!!!
darthv72  +   1612d ago
used to build all the time. now....
it has been a couple years since i made a new machine from scratch. Probably because i dont game on my pc like I used to.

I do still fire up my old P3 with dual voodoo2's and a Geforce 3. Mostly to play old school 95/98 games that just dont run on newer modern hardware.

Oh the good old days of Voodoo vs Geforce vs PowerVR. I got all 3 in one machine.
Animal Mutha 76  +   1612d ago
Agree Darth. My rig is 2 yrs old (dual core + 9600gt) and runs most things I still play pretty well. Problem is I just don't game on my pc like I used to. Maybe this will change if dlc, online passes and pay to play gets out of hand. Counterstrike forever!!!

OT I really do think a self built pc is the best way to fully learn about hardware and it gives you a sense of satisfaction especially when benchmarking and over clocking.
rfowler30  +   1612d ago
nothing quiet like building your own custom pc, truly one of the most rewarding experiences i have ever done.
thegamefanatics  +   1612d ago
Cannot agree with this statement more. Definitely something every TRUE pc gamer should do.
Coach_McGuirk  +   1612d ago
agreed, mine's pretty quiet too - scythe gentle typhoons.
bumnut  +   1612d ago
My sounds like a washing machine because of the fans on my sli 570's

I use headphones when gaming though so I will leave it as is.
Neomic  +   1612d ago
Great article, props!
Bounkass  +   1612d ago
I always have custom built PC's. Infact, haven't built one in 3 years, but it still runs GTAIV @ 1080p, graphics maxed out with the latest iCEnhancer mods @ 60+ FPS fine. :)
Scribe81  +   1612d ago
Built my first one about five months ago. I love knowing exactly what every single part in this machine is.

I had the same dilema of building my own or buying a pre-built one with the same specs, and I opted to drop the extra bit of money, especially so I could get a cool and cool air flowing case. I've got one of the Coolermaster Scout cases with all five fans blowing and my GPU doesn't get hotter than 70 degrees at 100% full load over several hours of gaming.

Definitely worth it to PC game. I hadn't PC gamed since 2000, and wow am I happy. Every PC game that has a PS3 counterpart I test out just to see the graphical difference, and wow, over and over again wow. In fact, I owned Borderlands with every single DLC for PS3, but bought it again for PC and am planning on doing this with Half Life 2 next time it's on sale, as well as Sacred 2. Phenomenal leap in graphics. And all I've got is a 5770!
banjadude  +   1612d ago
I'm incompetent with computer parts, so I asked my brother in law to build me one. If it weren't for him, I would have probably spent an extra $500+ on something I don't need, or bought a really underpowered video card.

My old PC was so bad, I couldn't even play Command and Conquer Generals, lol...
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