Introducing Sony Entertainment Network

Beginning today, Sony will be updating a lot of things in the PlayStation Network, including the introduction of Sony Entertainment Network. Read on to find out what the SEN is all about.

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GamersRulz2415d ago

nice, Sony seems to get their acts together.

Legion2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

"Sony has reiterated that all of the services on PlayStation devices will be unchanged and that there will be no changes to prices or functionality."

So with that statement then why are people lauding this as something cool or Sony getting their act together? Didn't they basically say... they aren't changing anything?

It is about as cool as WWF changing to WWE.

cl19832415d ago

Well they are trying to stop you from joining a class action lawsuit from them being hacked.

03212414d ago

Yeah but WWE HAD to change their name because of the World Wildlife Foundation lawsuit. Sony just did this because they wanted to, Is something new going to come out of this? Who knows but its best to not get your hopes up.

Legion2414d ago

And some would say Sony HAD to do this due to the multiple lawsuits that arose after the hacking and data issue.

The main point of this update was consolidating all monetary transactions into an international base, and to setup a new required acceptance of TOS that tries to cover suits brought about by class action lawsuits.

Kurt Russell2414d ago

"It is about as cool as WWF changing to WWE"

lol :D

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DragonKnight2415d ago

So is this why I haven't been able to add funds to my account for 2 days? I wish that Sony would send PM's to every PSN account telling us about these things so that people, like me, don't get frustrated and spend hours looking for solutions to these problems. Doesn't frickin' help that the Account Management site has been "down for maintenance" since April. *Sigh*

I love my PS3 and Sony, but sometimes they are just WAY too slow with information.

Szarky2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Account Management site as in website or the menu on the XMB? I've had no problems at all in the menu through XMB changing and checking different things.

I do like the PM idea though, and not just for service outages but also for big game releases or sales on PSN. I'm surprised they haven't done that ever, sent messages that is.

DarkTower8052415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

They don't pm EVER for 1 reason: It takes away the guessing when someone claiming to be a Sony rep is actually a scammer trying to get personal info. This is why Sony only sends emails.

Szarky2415d ago

a-ha. Yeap, that'd be it.

Dark_king2415d ago

@DarkTower805 People should know if the message is from Sony its says so in the account name.Sony can and have sent message before and should send them to let people know these things.I would love to get messages telling me that something is on sell.The message can even have a link to the item on the store.

Nitrowolf22415d ago

Well the difference between Sony PSN messages and Scammers is that Sony has a Trademark Image in the title

room4142415d ago

"They don't pm EVER"
they have for ps+

DarkTower8052414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Well I stand corrected. I thought I remember reading that if Sony ever wanted to contact you they would do so through email. I've never gotten an email from Sony that I remember, but I've gotten a few from phishing scams.

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radphil2415d ago

"So is this why I haven't been able to add funds to my account for 2 days? "

Weird, cause I just added funds yesterday with no problem for WKC2 stuff.

DragonKnight2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

@Szarky. Here, check this website out.

That site WAS where you could manage your PSN account settings online without needing to use your PSP or PS3. However it's been down since the PSN hack in April. And I don't know why they haven't done that either.

@radphil: That's exactly what I wanted to buy. Two days ago however I was first met with a "your information is invalid" which only occurs for 2 reasons. Either A) It is invalid, or B) You don't have enough money to add (I use a prepaid credit card that's never failed me and that I don't have to worry about since no one can steal money that isn't there, I used it to renew my DCUO subscription 3 days ago).

So, I deleted my information and re-entered it perfectly down to the last detail. I was then met with the "cannot add funds to your wallet" then eventually "an error occurred (80023120)." I looked up the error and Sony's OFFICIAL explanation is that it means you can't connect to the network, which is false since I can play online. The forums say it's about adding funds, with the general consensus being to just wait it out. I have been having a b*tch of a time finding $20 PSN cards and refuse to buy $50 for $20 worth of DLC. So this is just frustrating the hell out of me.

**EDIT** Also, one time while I was adding to my cart (today actually) it said "this service is under maintenance."

Szarky2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Didn't know about that site, pretty lame it's still down.

Shitty about all your problems. I know when I had problems setting up my account at one point I found out that I was getting errors because of my home address under billing. I had 605-933 (Steet name) but it didn't work so I just went 933 (Street name) and it's been fine ever since.

DragonKnight2415d ago

I tried changing my address info too and nothing. I've seen this happen to others before and the problem can take up to 2 weeks to resolve itself. *sigh*

I just wish it wasn't so damn hard finding $20 PSN cards. No one around here seems to carry them.

egidem2415d ago

It's also been annoying as well. You can't change your password or manage your account on the sony website. The only place you can do that is on their Quriocity website - From there sign in with your PSN credentials and proceed on. This is the only place so far you can add in funds, redeem codes etc.

gamingdroid2415d ago

As far two weeks back, there where sections of the PlayStation website that still list the famous "maintenance" page.

I still can't reset my password:

I had to go through an alternate site via

How lame is that?

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M-Easy2415d ago

Maybe you couldn't add funds is because you're broke.

DragonKnight2415d ago

Yeah, that must be it. *rolls eyes*

Why would you bother making stupid responses? Seriously.

gamingdroid2415d ago

Maybe you couldn't provide a proper response because you are d*mb?

DebateMaster2415d ago

or they got priority issues

Solidus187-SCMilk2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I not sure if this will help you but you can buy an online PSN money card( I got my code from and add the funds to your wallet through the store. I did this yesterday and bought resident evil 2.

Heres one, they will give you the code right away and you enterit in the store by clicking the thing that looks like a pencil next to your cart in the top right corner:

Never mind it said my link "looks like spam." But you can find it on amazon/target/bestbuy etc. They recently started selling online PSN money cards. Ive gotten 3 of them from amazon over the last 2 weeks and it works fast and great.

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iamnsuperman2415d ago

Good idea to build up a bigger playstation brand.

SuperStrokey11232415d ago

I guess we will see what comes from this in the future, as of right now the only thing thats actually happened is that people are simple saying the wont get in on class action lawsuits which in reality does nothing for gamers yet... We shall see though.

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