Dead Island Review (Empty Lifebar)

"Have you ever imagined a game with Fallout 3′s aspects with zombies and a 4 player co-op? Techland presents a game of that exact mix; Dead Island. Dead Island does try its best to stay close to the role-playing game style, but in a way that everything works out. This will be one zombie survival game that will satisfy anyone who’s interested in games with zombies in it."

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Raichu502382d ago

So what I don't get is why are people loving a glitchy game? just zombies? Is it really that simple?

MysticStrummer2381d ago

The core gameplay mechanic, killing zombies from a 1st person view and mostly with melee weapons, is fun and intense. Co-op is very fun, though I'd say the game is much scarier when played alone. My personal opinion is that the glitches take this game from an 8/10 to about a 5/10, but many people are either more forgiving or just haven't seen the amount of glitches I have. The forgiving people really confuse me, especially the ones who say we should support these devs regardless of the buggy mess they released. I also don't get why people keep referencing Fallout 3 when talking about Dead Island. It's much more like Borderlands than Fallout 3. Either way it's the buggiest game I ever played, and if I could get a full refund at this point I'd do it in a heartbeat.

bakagaijin782381d ago

Buggier than Fallout New Vegas? That game was painful to get through with all the times it froze on me. I still struggled through it though because I liked the game... when it worked that is.

BattleTorn2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

New Vegas was waay more glitchier.

But as you said, it all depends on how many one encounters.

I feel very fortunate to say, I haven't run into any issues with DI that weren't visual flaws. Nothing near game-breaking, in my experience.

BattleTorn2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Depending on system, the amount of bugs varry. And so far I haven't encountered anything game-breaking; rather mostly texture pop-in. (on X360)

Much like Fallout, the game is so good that people are turning a blind eye to the flaws.

The game is such an absolute blast that I can't stop playing it.

I think with how many people complaining about glithes and people still raving about how amazing it is as well; it's a true testament to how good the game is.

Ashby_JC2381d ago

Agreed 100%

I am happy to see that the game is getting solid reviews.

Does it have bugs yes. Have I encountered any majors..nope.

What is getting this game such positives is that even with the FLAWS etc...its a good game...a very FUN game.

I have played some buggy games that werent that good to begin with.

IMO in my experience I havent encountered anything outside of some clipping...or characters arms being seen thru doors. I saw a bag big deal.

One thing I was happy about was that they dont restrict where you can drive the trucks to much. Like one quest was pretty far and over sand..some water etc...I got in a truck and drove there.

For those that have was the quest to get the flares from the ship wreck on the North side of the island.

One thing I do wish...was MORE zombie hordes.

I havent done co-op but I assume they add more Zs when u play 4 ppl???