New Details and Screens Emerge on Ubisoft's Vita Line-up

The Vita has rightfully stolen a lot of attention during the Tokyo Game Show, with an official announcement of 100 release titles on launch and even a tease about one of the most widely loved RPG’s on the PS2 making it’s way to the handheld world. Adding to the mix, Ubisoft chimed in with some fresh new screenshots and details for three of their expected titles, Lumines, Michael Jackson The Experience, and Rayman Origins.

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Coopertone 2281d ago

Might even go with the 3G model.

buddymagoo2281d ago

Do we know yet if all PS3 titles will have remote play, including the multi-platform ones???

stormeagle62281d ago

Awesome, now I can have Michael Jackson in my pocket!

Wait... that came out wrong...

Lifewish2281d ago

man I need to save up some money, the Vita lineup is becoming ridiculous!

joinsideke2281d ago

Actually the Michael Jackson one is the kne I would pick up first.

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