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'Dead Island' Review [Game Rant]

Alex Sebenski of Game Rant writes, "Dead Island’ combines some of the best video game elements into a fun role playing game but do bugs and poor design choices ruin the zombie killing action? Read our review for details." (Dead Island, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 2.5/5

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x800  +   1293d ago
i would give this game a 8.9/10 but good review.
DanSolo  +   1293d ago
Thanks for the advice to all above... the game does look good.... and it does involve killing Zombies.... so I will have to pick it up!
Kakihara  +   1293d ago
If you have friends to play it online with it's an absolute must have. It's the most co-op fun I've had since Borderlands but like Borderlands it's almost useless as a single player game.
DanSolo  +   1293d ago
I played Borderlands through on my own, and although I enjoyed it, I agree it was much better as a co-op game.... although I only played co-op with strangers and that was crap as they just mostly acted like twats.

I have recently started playing Borderlands again in splitscreen with the new girl I am seeing and that is fun, but it is a shame that Dead Island is not split screen as that would make it a definite buy for me tomorrow for that very reason!
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